Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: January 30, 2010


Next to Germany, Sweden is one of the leading exporters of melodic speed/power metal bands, and Nostradameus is one such band, formed in 1998 (according to their bio, two of the members were inspired to start a band after witnessing a Gamma Ray/ Iron Savior concert). This is a very crowded field these days, and the focus for many of the bands that play this style is to stick to the tried and true, and that's just what Nostradameus does. As a result, the songwriting isn't quite as varied as it could be, but there's no shortage of barrelling double-bass drumming, speedy riffing, and singalong choruses that any fan of this style will enjoy. Vocalist Freddy Persson is quite accomplished, with a voice that is clear and can reach the high notes when/if needed, but thankfully he isn't a wailing, too-high-pitched vocalist. Overall, Nostradameus is another solid Euro power metal band for melodic power metal purists to add to their collection.

Current Members

Freddy Persson


Jake Fredén


Lennart Specht

guitars (ex-Pathos)

Thomas Antonsson

bass (ex-Pathos)

Esko Salow

drums (ex-Pathos)

Former Members/Guests

Michael Åberg

guitars (Destiny)

Erik Söderman


Gustav Nahlin


Jesse Lindskog

drums (Dragonland)


Words Of Nostradameus  
2000 AFM
  1. Words Of Nostradameus
  2. The Vision
  3. Out Of This World
  4. Nightmare Prophecy
  5. Without Your Love
  6. Master Of The Night
  7. Black Fate
  8. The Crown´s Inn
  9. Resurrection
  10. Brothers In Chains
  11. One For All, All For One
  • Freddy Persson
  • Jake Fredén
  • Erik Söderman
  • Gustav Nahlin

The Prophet Of Evil  
2001 AFM
  1. The Prophet of Evil
  2. Hymn To These Lands
  3. Evil Prophecies
  4. Murder
  5. Requim (I Will Honour Thy...)
  6. In Prison
  7. The Escape
  8. The Power's In Your Hand
  9. Gathering Resistance
  10. The Final Battle
  11. Scream of Anger
  • Freddy Persson
  • Jake Fredén
  • Michael Åberg
  • Thomas Antonsson
  • Jesse Lindskog

The Third Prophecy  
2003 AFM
  1. Far Too Strong
  2. Randall Flagg
  3. Those Things You Did
  4. The Future Will Show
  5. If We Believe (In Our Dreams)
  6. Revenge Is Mine
  7. 1986
  8. H.M.S Ulysses
  9. In Harmony
  10. Towards The Sleep (Stalingrad)
  11. One For All, All For One (bonus live)
  • Freddy Persson
  • Jake Fredén
  • Michael Åberg
  • Thomas Antonsson
  • Esko Salow

2004 AFM
  1. Never Turning Back
  2. Your Betrayal
  3. The Reaper's Image
  4. Hellbound
  5. One Step Away
  6. Fight
  7. Cut Like Blades
  8. Seven
  9. One World To Live In
  10. I Am Free
  • Freddy Persson
  • Jake Fredén
  • Michael Åberg
  • Thomas Antonsson
  • Esko Salow

2007 AFM
  1. Welcome To Living
  2. Wall Of Anger
  3. Until The End
  4. Demon Voices
  5. MDCC pt 1
  6. MDCC pt 2
  7. I.R.P.
  8. No Traces Of Madness
  9. Not Only Women Bleed
  10. Death By My Side
  11. The Untouchables
  • Freddy Persson
  • Jake Fredén
  • Lennart Specht
  • Thomas Antonsson
  • Esko Salow

Illusion's Parade  
2009 AFM
  1. Art Of Deception
  2. Mariner
  3. Walk Of Pain
  4. Nothing
  5. Virgin Mary
  6. Eclipse Of The Sun Cult
  7. Illusions Parade
  8. Armageddon Forever
  9. Time for Madness
  10. The voyager
  • Freddy Persson
  • Jake Fredén
  • Michael Åberg
  • Thomas Antonsson
  • Jesse Lindskog

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