Origin: Arlington, Virginia, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: November 1, 2014

October 31

October 31 is a prototypical US underground metal band, the sort of band who'll never become famous due to their sticking to their traditional metal roots rather than chase the current trend of the day. Led by King Fowley (who also runs Deceased), the band formed in 1995 and has released a few albums along the way, alongside several singles and compilation appearances. The album reviewed here is Visions Of The End, originally released as an EP but later re-released with several bonus covers such as Jag Panzer's "Harder Than Steel" and Warlord's "Child Of The Damned" among others, with these two tracks giving a fair initial impression of the general direction of the band. Yes, it's traditional 80's metal all the way, without a single nod towards modern trends. Fowley is an adequate vocalist at best, and the general sound here is of an underproduced 80's album, lacking the polish and sheen that a lot of the new European "true" metal bands have these days, though October 31 is also heavier and less formulaic than those bands. Fowley and crew are to be commended to playing on their own terms, and 80's traditionalists could do far worse than pick up these guys.

Current Members

King Fowley

vocals (Deceased)

Brian Williams


Matt Ibach

guitars (ex-Deceased)

Jim Hunter

bass (ex-Lord Vicar, ex-Revelation, Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept)

Sean Wilhide


Former Members/Guests

Kevin Lewis


Jason Tedder


Dave Castillo

drums (ex-Deceased) RIP: November 12, 2018, drowned, age 43


The Fire Awaits You  
1997 R.I.P.
  1. The Warlock
  2. Salem´s Curse
  3. The Fire Awaits You
  4. Prelude/Lost City
  5. Voyage To Infinity
  6. Day Of The Saxons
  7. Vindication
  8. A Million Goodbyes
  • King Fowley
  • Brian Williams
  • Jim Hunter

Visions Of The End  EP
1998 Old Metal
  1. Visions Of The End
  2. The Chosen One
  3. Servants And Slaves
  4. Give ´Em The Axe
  5. The Legend Of The Haunted Sea
  6. Voyage To Infinity (bonus)
  7. The Fire Awaits You (bonus)
  8. Child Of The Damned (bonus)
  9. When Darkness Covers The Sun (bonus)
  10. Harder Than Steel (bonus)
  • King Fowley
  • Brian Williams
  • Kevin Lewis
  • Jim Hunter

Meet Thy Maker  
2000 R.I.P.
  1. Meet Thy Maker
  2. Just An Illusion
  3. For There Was War !
  4. Far From Danger Now (Pts 1&2)
  5. Power And The Glory
  6. The Verdict
  7. Behind The Castle Walls
  • King Fowley
  • Brian Williams
  • Kevin Lewis
  • Jim Hunter

Stagefright  LIVE
2003 Thrash Corner
  1. The Chosen One
  2. Salem's Curse
  3. Meet Thy Maker
  4. Just an Illusion
  5. A Million Goodbyes
  6. The Warlock
  7. Voyage to Infinity
  8. Visions of the End
  9. Power and the Glory
  • King Fowley
  • Brian Williams
  • Jason Tedder
  • Jim Hunter
  • Dave Castillo

No Survivors  
2005 Thrash Corner
  1. Powerhouse
  2. Rivet Rat
  3. Commit To Sin
  4. No Survivors
  5. What Waits Beyond
  6. Back Alley Murders
  7. Wrecking Crew
  8. Misfortune
  • King Fowley
  • Brian Williams
  • Jason Tedder
  • Jim Hunter
  • Dave Castillo

Heavy Metal Warlocks  COMPILATION
2008 Hard Rocker
  1. The Warlock
  2. Salem's Curse
  3. A Million Goodbyes
  4. Visions of the End
  5. The Chosen One
  6. Meet Thy Maker
  7. Just an Illusion
  8. For There Is War!
  9. Powerhouse
  10. Rivet Rat
  11. Commit to Sin
  12. Voyage to Infinity (live)

Bury The Hatchet  
2014 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Tear Ya Down
  2. Bury the Hatchet
  3. Down at Lover's Lane
  4. Under My Gun
  5. The House Where Evil Dwells
  6. Growing Old
  7. Gone to the Devil
  8. Arsenic on the Rocks
  9. Voodoo Island
  10. Angel Dusted
  • King Fowley
  • Brian Williams
  • Matt Ibach
  • Jim Hunter
  • Sean Wilhide

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