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This is one of those cases where the line between "new band" and "renamed band" is a fine line indeed. Othyrworld was essentially the continuation of the mighty Sacred Blade, but whether founder Jeff Ulmer wanted this band to stand on its own is debateable. Given that the album, Beyond Into The Night Of Day, largely consisted of re-recorded versions of Sacred Blade's classic 1986 album, one might think this was just a new version of the old band, but yet the band did have a new name, and so perhaps this was meant to be the start of a new chapter in Ulmer's musical career, linking the past to the future. In any case, those familiar with Of The Sun And Moon will know what to expect here, as many of that album's best tracks were re-recorded here, staying pretty true to the originals. The newer material doesn't stray far from the original vision either, though this was recorded almost twenty years after the first album, so there's bound to be some maturation and development. So, for those unfamiliar with Sacred Blade, this is a fine introduction to a band that was truly unique in its time. Those who already own Of The Sun And Moon will no doubt welcome the new material with open arms. Unfortunately, Ulmer passed away in March 2013, putting to an end any future development of this project.

Last Lineup

Jeff Ulmer

vocals/guitars/bass (ex-Sacred Blade) RIP: March 22, 2013, stroke

Ted Zawadzki

drums RIP: February 10, 2020


Beyond Into The Night Of Day  
2005 self-released
  1. Ayltuthus I
  2. Of The Sun + Moon
  3. Fieldz The Sunshrine
  4. Odyssey Of Light
  5. Ethereal Skyline
  6. The Reign Of Night Rainz
  7. Legacy
  8. Right Ascension
  9. To Lunar Windz...
  10. The Alignment [including Beyond Into The Night Of Day]
  11. The Pressing
  12. In Light Of The Moon
  13. Moon
  • Jeff Ulmer
  • Ted Zawadzki

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