Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
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Page online: February 27, 2013
Last update/review: February 27, 2013

Ov Hell

The origins of this project date back to 2009, when former Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King ov Hell decided to form a new band following their acrimonious split from Gorgoroth. That band was named God Seed, but after a time it folded, with Gaahl deciding to retire from the music business. King eventually recruited a veritable black metal supergroup for this project, and in 2010 The Underworld Regime was released. While there's nothing wrong here, the album has a sort of black-metal-by-the-numbers feel, with all the trademarks of the genre in place but nothing really standing out. Apparently this is set to be a studio-only project working around the various members' schedules, so it remains to be seen whether King can develop a more substantive style moving forward.

Current Members

Shagrath (Stian Thoresen)

vocals (Chrome Division, Dimmu Borgir, guest for Ragnarok)

Arve Isdal

guitars (Audrey Horne, Demonaz, Enslaved, ex-I, ex-Malignant Eternal, ex-Trinacria)

Teloch (Morten Iversen)

guitars (guest for Gorgoroth, The Konsortium, Mayhem)

King (Tom Cato Visnes)

bass (ex-Abbath, ex-Audrey Horne, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-I, ex-Jotunspor, ex-Sahg)

Frost (Kjetil Haraldstad)

drums (1349, guest for Gehenna, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Keep Of Kalessin, Satyricon, ex-Zyklon-B)


The Underworld Regime  
2010 Indie
  1. Devil's Harlot
  2. Post Modern Sadist
  3. Invoker
  4. Perpetual Night
  5. Ghosting
  6. Acts of Sin
  7. Krigsatte Faner
  8. Hill Norge
  • Shagrath
  • Arve Isdal
  • Teloch
  • King
  • Frost

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