Origin: Belo Horizonte, Brazil  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: November 21, 2002
Last update/review: September 22, 2005


Overdose was one of Brazil's oldest metal bands, having been formed in Belo Horizonte in the early 80's by Baza and Claudio David. By 1985 a stable lineup had materialized and the band, ready to record, attracted the interest of the brand new Cogumelo record label. As they didn't yet have enough material for a full-length album, it was decided that they'd release a split LP with another band, and that band happened to be another young Brazilian band by the name of Sepultura. The resulting Seculo XX/Bestial Devastation LP thus linked the two bands forever after, and of course was and is an important release in Brazilian metal history. While Sepultura conquered the world metal scene several years later, Overdose has done reasonably well in their home country but not as well outside of it, as much of their material was only released in Brazil. One album that did get an international release is 1992's Circus Of Death (the only album reviewed here). The style here is thrash, less the deathy style of Sepultura at the time, but a more midpaced power thrash, with Baza's hoarse vocals verging on hardcore.

After the release of their last album (Scars, in 1995) the band carried on amidst some lineup changes, (including, ironically, the addition of founding Sepultura guitarist Jairo Guedz), but they disbanded in 1997.

Last Lineup

Pedro Alberto "Bozó" Amorim


Claudio David

lead guitar

Jairo Guedz

rhythm guitar (ex-Sepultura)

Gustavo Monsanto

bass (ex-Adagio, ex-Revolution Renaissance)

André Marcio


Former Members/Guests

Ricardo Dos Santos Souza

rhythm guitar

Sérgio Cichovicz

rhythm guitar

Fernando Pazzini


Eddie Weber


Hélio Eduardo



Seculo XX (split w/ Sepultura)  
1985 Cogumelo
  1. Anjos Do Apocalipse
  2. Filhos Do Mundo
  3. Século X.X.
  • Pedro Alberto "Bozó" Amorim
  • Claudio David
  • Ricardo Dos Santos Souza
  • Fernando Pazzini
  • Hélio Eduardo

1987 independent
  1. God Save The Metal
  2. Messengers Of Death
  3. Children Of The War
  4. Save Our Hearts
  5. Peace
  6. Última Estrela
  7. Kharma
  8. The Day After
  9. Rebellion
  10. Prison Of The Conscience
  • Pedro Alberto "Bozó" Amorim
  • Claudio David
  • Fernando Pazzini
  • Hélio Eduardo

You're Really Big  
1989 Cogumelo
  1. Stone Land
  2. Nuclear Winter
  3. Big As The universe
  4. age Of Aquarius
  5. Let Us Fly
  6. United We'll Be One
  7. Fight For Our Dreams
  • Pedro Alberto "Bozó" Amorim
  • Claudio David
  • Fernando Pazzini
  • André Marcio

Addicted To Reality  
1990 Cogumelo
  1. Sweet RealitY
  2. Night Child
  3. White CloudS
  4. Pain
  5. Your Way
  6. Strangers In Our Own Land
  7. Winds Of Change
  8. A Great Dream
  • Pedro Alberto "Bozó" Amorim
  • Claudio David
  • Fernando Pazzini
  • André Marcio

Circus Of Death  
1992 Cogumelo
  1. Violence
  2. The Zombie Factory
  3. Dead Clowns
  4. A Good Day To Die
  5. Profit
  6. Powerwish
  7. The Healer
  8. Beyond My Bad Dreams
  9. Children Of War (CD bonus track)
  • Pedro Alberto "Bozó" Amorim
  • Claudio David
  • Sérgio Cichovicz
  • Fernando Pazzini
  • André Marcio

Progress Of Decadence  
1993 Cogumelo
  1. Rio Samba e Porrada no Morro
  2. Street Law
  3. Straight to the Point
  4. Progress of Decadence
  5. Capitalist Way
  6. Deep in Your Mind
  7. Noise From Brazil
  8. Aluquisarrerá
  9. Favela
  10. No Truce
  11. Faithful Death
  12. Stupid Generation
  13. Zombie Factory
  • Pedro Alberto "Bozó" Amorim
  • Claudio David
  • Sérgio Cichovicz
  • Eddie Weber
  • André Marcio

1995 Cogumelo
  1. The Front
  2. My Rage
  3. Manipulated Reality
  4. How To Pray
  5. Scars
  6. Still Primitive
  7. Just Another
  8. School
  9. Last Words
  10. Postcard From Hell
  11. Who's Words
  12. Out Of Control - A Fairy Tale
  13. Nu Dus Outro É Refresco
  • Pedro Alberto "Bozó" Amorim
  • Claudio David
  • Sérgio Cichovicz
  • Eddie Weber
  • André Marcio

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