Origin: Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: July 21, 2003


Oversoul was formed by guitarist/vocalist Dennis Cornelius following the breakup of his previous band, Revelation. As a duo, Cornelius and friend/drummer Patric Barrett released Seven Days In November (the title indirectly references the time spent recording the album), a fine doom metal album not too far removed from the Hellhound days of Revelation and the other related bands from the early-nineties DC doom scene. The focus here is not on bludgingly heavy riffs, but a slightly more relaxed and refined doom style that, coupled with Cornelius' excellent tailor-made-for-doom vocals, creates a quality listening experience. The band expanded to a four-piece shortly after the release of the album, then broke up in 2002. Cornelius has now reformed his old band Revelation, bringing guitarist Chris Greenway (one of the post-album new guys) with him, and also (July 2003) recently joined Place Of Skulls.

Last Lineup

Dennis Cornelius

guitars/vocals (ex-Place Of Skulls, ex-Revelation, ex-Under The Sun)

Patric Barrett



Seven Days In November ...  
2000 Brainticket
  1. Games
  2. Bee Sting
  3. Forgive Me
  4. Matters Of The Soul
  5. Inner Dilemna
  6. Withdrawing From The World
  7. Fathernature
  8. Feel
  9. Sphere
  • Dennis Cornelius
  • Patric Barrett

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