Origin: Pasadena, Texas, USA  
Genres: Crossover
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Last update/review: December 30, 2016

Pasadena Napalm Division

Here's an idea that sounds good on paper and also delivers on the potential -- bring together several guys from the much-missed quirky thrash band Dead Horse, add singer Kurt Brecht from crossover legends D.R.I., and bash out a quick EP of modern thrash/crossover goodness. And that's Pasadena Napalm Division in a nutshell, with the quick-and-dirty self-titled EP (six songs clocking in around 15 minutes total) delivering nothing more and nothing less than anyone would expect. Who knows if there are any long-range plans for this project, but the EP is fun and the band no doubt goes down a storm live. Update: they released a full-length album, also self-titled, in 2013.

Current Members

Kurt Brecht

vocals (D.R.I.)

Greg Martin

guitars (Dead Horse)

Scott Sevall

guitars (Dead Horse)

Bubba Dennis II


Ronny Guyote

drums (Dead Horse)


Pasadena Napalm Division  EP
  1. Spell It Out
  2. 100 Beers with a Zombie
  3. Non Ti Amo
  4. Speaking in Tongues
  5. Failure
  6. Okra
  • Kurt Brecht
  • Greg Martin
  • Scott Sevall
  • Bubba Dennis II
  • Ronny Guyote

Pasadena Napalm Division  
2013 Minus Head
  1. 100 Beers with a Zombie
  2. Bleached Blonde Despair
  3. Cemetary Mass
  4. Don't Care
  5. Dreamland
  6. Failure
  7. My Own Little God
  8. Murder the Bearded Lady Killer
  9. Non Ti Amo
  10. Spell It Out
  11. All of a Sudden Dead
  12. Terror Cell
  13. Speaking In Tongues
  • Kurt Brecht
  • Greg Martin
  • Scott Sevall
  • Bubba Dennis II
  • Ronny Guyote

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