Origin: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: February 22, 2014
Last update/review: November 3, 2020


A glance at the Profound Lore roster reveals a fair number of bands in the doomy/sludge mold, and that's precisely where this Arkansas band dwells. Most bands of this ilk employ harsh death or hardcore vocals, but Brett Campbell's clean, distant wails give Pallbearer a slight atmospheric edge and allow the songs to breathe a bit. Only five songs here, but they're long and varied, particularly the mostly instrumental closer "Given To The Grave" which closes with some nice spacey guitar work. While rooted firmly in the doom world, there's an almost progressive edge that shows through, demonstrating their willingness to break new ground. Good stuff.

Current Members

Brett Campbell


Devin Holt


Joseph Rowland


Mark Lierly


Former Members/Guests

Zach Stine



Sorrow And Extinction  
  1. Foreigner
  2. Devoid of Redemption
  3. The Legend
  4. An Offering of Grief
  5. Given to the Grave
  • Brett Campbell
  • Devin Holt
  • Joseph Rowland
  • Zach Stine

2012 Scion A/V
  1. Devoid of Redemption
  2. The Legend

Foundations Of Burden  
  1. Worlds Apart
  2. Foundations
  3. Watcher in the Dark
  4. The Ghost I Used to Be
  5. Ashes
  6. Vanished
  • Brett Campbell
  • Devin Holt
  • Joseph Rowland
  • Mark Lierly
2014 Readers' Album #99

Fear And Fury  EP
  1. Fear & Fury
  2. Over & Over (Black Sabbath cover)
  3. Love You to Death (Type O Negative cover)
  • Brett Campbell
  • Devin Holt
  • Joseph Rowland
  • Mark Lierly

2017 Nuclear Blast
  1. I Saw The End
  2. Thorns
  3. Lie Of Survival
  4. Dancing In Madness
  5. Cruel Road
  6. Heartless
  7. A Plea For Understanding
  • Brett Campbell
  • Devin Holt
  • Joseph Rowland
  • Mark Lierly
2017 Readers' Album #48

Forgotten Days  
2020 Nuclear Blast
  1. Forgotten Days
  2. Riverbed
  3. Stasis
  4. Silver Wings
  5. The Quicksand of Existing
  6. Vengeance & Ruination
  7. Rite of Passage
  8. Caledonia
  • Brett Campbell
  • Devin Holt
  • Joseph Rowland
  • Mark Lierly

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