Origin: England  
Last update/review: December 20, 2001


Pariah's roots date back to the early 80's, when they were known mainly as Satan and also, for a brief time, as Blind Fury. After releasing several fine albums (notably Suspended Sentence (as Satan) and Blaze Of Obscurity), the abrupt departure of then-vocalist Michael Jackson (and Steve Ramsey and Graeme English's subsequent joining of Skyclad) led to the band's eventual breakup. The core of Ramsey/English/Tippins reunited in 1997, recruiting two new members, and released the fine Unity album. Despite the length of time between recordings, Unity doesn't miss a beat, as it melds perfectly with the previous albums without sounding dated. At this time it appears the reunion was a one-off, and the band is once again dormant.

Note: no relation to the American metal band that released To Mock A Killingbird some time ago.

Last Lineup

Alan Hunter

vocals (ex-Tysondog)

Steve Ramsey

guitars (ex-Blind Fury, Satan, Skyclad)

Russ Tippins

guitars (ex-Blind Fury, Satan)

Graeme English

bass (ex-Blind Fury, Satan, Skyclad)

Ian McCormack

drums (ex-Battleaxe)

Former Members/Guests

Michael Jackson

vocals (ex-Satan)

Sean Taylor

drums (ex-Blind Fury, ex-Blitzkrieg, Satan)


The Kindred  
1988 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Gerrymander
  2. The Rope
  3. Scapegoat
  4. Foreign Bodies
  5. La Guerra
  6. Inhumane
  7. Killing For Company
  8. Icons Of Hypocrisy
  9. Promise Of Remembrance
  • Michael Jackson
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Sean Taylor

Blaze Of Obscurity  
1989 Steamhammer/SPV
  • Michael Jackson
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Sean Taylor

1997 independent
  1. Unity
  2. Reactionary
  3. Walking Wounded
  4. No Exit
  5. Snakes And Ladders
  6. One Of Us
  7. Saboteurs
  8. Mutual Street
  9. The Jonah
  10. Learning To Crawl
  • Alan Hunter
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Ian McCormack

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