Origin: Australia  
Genres: Doomdeath, Christian Metal
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Last update/review: March 8, 2015


Paramaecium's style was classic grinding doomdeath (reminiscent of very early My Dying Bride), with explicit Christian lyrics, which is a unique combination as they were pretty much alone in the Christian doomdeath field at the time. The band broke up for good in 2005, with founder Andrew Tompkins forging ahead with a modified lineup as InExordium (essentially a name change), which released an album in 2008 before folding.

Last Lineup

Andrew Tompkins

bass/vocals (ex-InExordium)

Jason De Ron

guitars (ex-InExordium)

Jayson Sherlock

drums (ex-Deliverance, ex-Horde, ex-InExordium, ex-Mortification)

Former Members/Guests

Chris Burton


Ian Arkley

guitars (Seventh Angel)

Mark Orr



Exhumed Of The Earth  
1994 R.E.X.
  1. The Birth and the Massacre of the Innocents
  2. Injudicial
  3. The Killing
  4. Untombed
  5. The Voyage of the Severed
  6. Haemorrhage of Hatred
  7. Removed of the Grave
  • Andrew Tompkins
  • Jason De Ron
  • Jayson Sherlock

Within The Ancient Forest  
  1. In Exordium
  2. Song Of The Ancient
  3. I Am Not Alive
  4. The Grave, My Soul
  5. Gone Is My Former Resolve
  6. Of My Darkest Hour
  7. Darkness Dies
  • Andrew Tompkins
  • Jason De Ron
  • Chris Burton
  • Jayson Sherlock

Repentance  EP
  1. Silent Carnage ('95 Version)
  2. Dead To Death ('95 Version)
  3. Sogno di Morte
  4. Silent Carnage
  5. Dead To Death
  6. Abstraction

A Time To Mourn  
  1. A moment
  2. I'm not to blame
  3. My thoughts
  4. Betrayed again
  5. Enter in time
  6. Live for the day
  7. Even the walls
  8. Unceasing
  • Andrew Tompkins
  • Ian Arkley
  • Mark Orr

Echoes Of The Ground  
2004 Veridon
  1. Night Fears Morning
  2. Over The Sea
  3. The Chosen Land
  4. They Tend To Die
  5. I
  6. My Failing Heart
  7. Echoes
  • Andrew Tompkins
  • Jason De Ron
  • Jayson Sherlock

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