Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: June 27, 2015


Though hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, this band had little to do with the melodic death metal often associated with that city's name. Instead, Pathos played an original form of intricate power metal, progressive in places, a bit thrashy in others, with strong midrange vocals that occasionally bring to mind Robert Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus. For whatever reason this band didn't seem to get a lot of press, but Hoverface and the newer Katharsis were solid albums that pack a punch, and are quite recommended to those into classy, powerful semi-thrash metal.

Last Lineup

Paul Schöning


Daniel Antonsson

lead guitar (ex-Dark Tranquillity, Dimension Zero, ex-Soilwork)

Lennart Specht

guitars (ex-Nostradameus)

Thomas Antonsson

bass (ex-Nostradameus)

Esko Salow

drums (ex-Nostradameus)

Former Members/Guests

Stefan Carlsson



1997 Black Mark
  1. Mask Of Fear
  2. Hoverface
  3. Wake Up Call
  4. Next Arrival
  5. What Now
  6. Transform
  7. Act On Impulse
  8. Upstream
  9. Monument Of Man
  10. Odium Denouement
  11. Violence Breeds
  12. Scorned
  • Stefan Carlsson
  • Daniel Antonsson
  • Lennart Specht
  • Thomas Antonsson
  • Esko Salow

Uni Versus Universe  
1997 Liphone
  1. Source of madness
  2. Weight of the world
  3. Innerspace
  4. Uni versus universe
  5. Sinister beyond infinity
  6. Mutation
  7. Under the lense
  8. Rest your mind
  9. Force majeure
  10. Negative spheres
  • Stefan Carlsson
  • Daniel Antonsson
  • Lennart Specht
  • Thomas Antonsson
  • Esko Salow

2002 Massacre
  1. Katharis
  2. Inhale
  3. suicidal Savior Lies
  4. Violated
  5. Inject Reject
  6. Revelation
  7. Borrowed Time
  8. Detonation
  9. Inner Ego
  10. Time To Act
  11. Torn
  12. Divine Intensions (outro)
  • Paul Schöning
  • Daniel Antonsson
  • Lennart Specht
  • Thomas Antonsson
  • Esko Salow

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