Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: June 28, 2004
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A promising American traditional metal band, Pharaoh formed in 1997 in Philadelphia and spent their formative years working on material, but by the time they had written enough for a full album, they had still not secured a vocalist. They attracted the interest of Tim Aymar, well known for his work in Control Denied, and he agreed to take part, at first only on a session basis (he later became a permanent member). Due to various record label difficulties, the recording of After The Fire took some time, but was finally completed and released by the new Italian label Cruz Del Sur. Musically, the band has drawn frequent (and justified) comparisons to Iron Maiden, with some nods to 80's American power metal as well. Aymar puts in a fine performance, as does the rest of the band. After The Fire lacks that one something that puts it in the absolutely-must-have category, but it's a fine debut effort, and there's plenty of potential here to be tapped in the future.

Current Members

Matt Johnsen

guitars (ex-Dawnbringer)

Chris Kerns


Chris Black

drums (Aktor, ex-Dawnbringer, High Spirits, ex-Nachtmystium, Superchrist)

Former Members/Guests

Tim Aymar

vocals (ex-Control Denied) RIP: February 13, 2023, age 59


After The Fire  
2003 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Unum
  2. After The Fire
  3. Flash Of The Dark
  4. Forever Free
  5. Heart Of The Enemy
  6. Solar Flight
  7. Now Is The Time
  8. Never, Not Again
  9. Slaves
  • Tim Aymar
  • Matt Johnsen
  • Chris Kerns
  • Chris Black

The Longest Night  
2006 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Sunrise
  2. I Am the Hammer
  3. In the Violet Fire
  4. By the Night Sky
  5. Endlessly
  6. The Longest Night
  7. Fighting
  8. Like a Ghost
  9. Up the Gates
  10. Never Run
  • Tim Aymar
  • Matt Johnsen
  • Chris Kerns
  • Chris Black

Be Gone  
2008 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Speak to Me
  2. Dark New Life
  3. No Remains
  4. Red Honor
  5. Buried at Sea
  6. Rats and Rope
  7. Cover Your Eyes and Pray
  8. Telepath
  9. Be Gone
  • Tim Aymar
  • Matt Johnsen
  • Chris Kerns
  • Chris Black

Ten Years  EP
2011 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Ten Years
  2. When We Fly
  3. White Light
  4. Reflection and the Inevitable Future
  5. Nothing I Can Say
  6. Tormentor
  • Tim Aymar
  • Matt Johnsen
  • Chris Kerns
  • Chris Black

Bury The Light  
2012 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Leave Me Here To Dream
  2. The Wolves
  3. Castles in the Sky
  4. The Year of the Blizzard
  5. The Spider’s Thread
  6. Cry
  7. Graveyard of Empires
  8. Burn With Me
  9. In Your Hands
  • Tim Aymar
  • Matt Johnsen
  • Chris Kerns
  • Chris Black

The Powers That Be  
2021 Cruz Del Sur
  1. The Powers That Be
  2. Will We Rise
  3. Waiting to Drown
  4. Lost in the Waves
  5. Ride Us to Hell
  6. When the World Was Mine
  7. Freedom
  8. Dying Sun
  9. I Can Hear Them
  • Tim Aymar
  • Matt Johnsen
  • Chris Kerns
  • Chris Black

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