Origin: Moscow, Russia  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: June 17, 2017
Last update/review: June 17, 2017


Shadow Kingdom Records has done a fine job of snatching up under-the-radar acts from around the world, often in the retro or doom genres. Here we have Phantomass, a traditional doom act from Moscow of all places, and their self-titled debut checks all the right boxes for classic, American garage doom (think bands from the 90's). Even if there's little here you haven't heard before, Phantomass is a solid doom metal pick.

Current Members

Alexsander Belinskiy


Vadim Markov

lead guitar

Arthur Mnoian

rhythm guitar

Dmitriy Atabekov



2014 Shadow Kingdom
  • Alexsander Belinskiy
  • Vadim Markov
  • Arthur Mnoian
  • Dmitriy Atabekov

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