Origin: Brooklyn, New York, USA  
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Last update/review: March 19, 2015


Pist.On had a sound similar to fellow New Yorkers such as Type O Negative or perhaps Life Of Agony, with their sound characterized by a thick guitar sound, slow-to-midpaced rhythms, and a somewhat bleak lyrical stance. They recorded two albums in the late nineties and then an EP in 2001, but with bassist Val Ium's departure the band was essentially done, though no formal breakup was announced. After a 14-year silence, the remaining three members from the 2001 lineup announced a reformation in March 2015.

Current Members

Henry Font

vocals/rhythm guitar

Burton Gans

lead guitar/backing vocals

Jack Hanley


Jeff McManus


Former Members/Guests

Paul Paulos

lead guitar/backing vocals

Val Ium

bass/backing vocals

Danny Jam Kavadlo



Number One  
1996 Fierce
  1. Parole
  2. Turbulent
  3. Grey Flap
  4. Shoplifters Of The World Unite
  5. I Am No One
  6. Eight Sides
  7. I'm Afraid Of Life
  8. Electra Complex
  9. Down & Out
  10. Mix Me With Blood
  11. My Feet
  12. Exit Wound
  • Henry Font
  • Paul Paulos
  • Val Ium
  • Danny Jam Kavadlo
1996 Readers' Album #66

Sell Out  
1999 Mayhem
  1. Suddenly Sober
  2. Rest
  3. 31 Degrees
  4. When I Go
  5. Low
  6. Someone
  7. C
  8. Need To Know
  9. New Car
  10. Square
  11. Waiting To Die
  • Henry Font
  • Burton Gans
  • Val Ium
  • Jeff McManus

Saves  EP
2001 independent
  1. Vamp 69
  2. Opera
  3. I Don't
  • Henry Font
  • Burton Gans
  • Val Ium
  • Jeff McManus

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