Origin: St. Louis, Missouri, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: April 21, 2008

Powers Court

Powers Court is a quality power metal trio hailing from St. Louis, with one self-financed album released in 1996 and their newer Nine Kinds Of Hell album having come out in 2001. Their style is undeniably 80's metal, but the songwriting is more unique and varied, so that they aren't just rehashing the same old riffs as a lot of 80's-worship bands seem to do. Vocalist/guitarist Danie Powers is the star here -- she possesses an extraordinary vocal range (over four octaves) and she uses that range quite effectively, from lower-pitched growls to high-pitched screams and everything in between. As for the music -- again, it's very 80's-oriented, but somehow just a bit different and unique. There's a bit of Manilla Road, a shade of King Diamond, maybe a slice of Iron Maiden, all melded together as only Powers Court can. This is really a fine band, highly recommended to those into true 80's power metal.

The band's third album, Red Mist Of Endenmore, has been in the works for some time, but no release date has been set as of this writing.

Current Members

Danie Powers


Steve Murray


Daniel Nydick


Former Members/Guests

Rick Kramer


Mike Evans


John Hardin



Powers Court  
1996 independent
  1. Lord Of Winds And Breezes
  2. Spellbinder
  3. Suffer In Silence
  4. Dying Embers
  5. High Priestess
  6. Master Plan
  7. Deceiver
  8. Season Of The Witch
  • Danie Powers
  • Steve Murray
  • Rick Kramer
1996 Readers' Album #95

Nine Kinds Of Hell  
2001 Dragonheart
  1. The Tragedy Of Faust
  2. Echoes Of Silence
  3. Darkened Paradise
  4. Agnostica
  5. Conquistador
  6. DevilĀ“s Triangle
  7. Tanzania
  8. House Of Sorrow
  9. Emptiness
  • Danie Powers
  • Steve Murray
  • Mike Evans

The Red Mist Of Endenmore  
2008 Dragonheart
  1. Ab Initio
  2. The Prophecy
  3. Power Tapestry
  4. A Somber Day
  5. Kingdom Falls
  6. Darkness Calls
  7. The Tarot Reader
  8. Outrage
  9. The Red Mist Of Endenmore
  10. There Once Was A Time
  11. Vain Regrets
  12. Cold Day In Hell
  • Danie Powers
  • Steve Murray
  • Daniel Nydick

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