Origin: Germany  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: November 15, 2015

Rawhead Rexx

Rawhead Rexx (the band name, taken from a movie written by Clive Barker, is also the name of the mascot that appears on the album covers, and there's even a video game based on the character) was another in a long line of German power metal bands, releasing two albums in the early 2000's. No one song stands out as exceptionally original, but on the other hand the band does mix things up a bit, all the while staying true to the power metal ethic. Power metal is hardly about innovation anymore and Rawhead Rexx was no different in that respect, but to their credit the band's influences were varied enough so that their sound was less a clone of any one band or style, but rather a mix of traditional American and European power metal styles.

Last Lineup

Jürgen Volk




Vito Cecere


Former Members/Guests

Rüdiger Fleck


Daniel Löble

drums (Helloween)


Rawhead Rexx  
2001 AFM
  1. The Curse
  2. Town Of Skulls
  3. Opposing Force
  4. Mr. Hyde
  5. Holy War
  6. Sons Of Mayhem
  7. Rawhead Rexx
  8. Request (Bonus-Track)
  9. Blood On My Hands
  10. The Wolf (Bonus-Track)
  11. Pain
  12. Don't Tear Me Down
  13. The Scream
  • Jürgen Volk
  • Rüdiger Fleck
  • Face
  • Daniel Löble

Diary In Black  
2003 AFM
  1. Dark Ages (Prelude)
  2. Return Of The Dragon
  3. Diary In Black
  4. Brothers In Arms
  5. Bayons Overthrow
  6. The Machine
  7. What If
  8. Evil In Man
  9. Dragonheart
  10. Metal War
  11. Saint And Sinner
  12. Resistance
  • Jürgen Volk
  • Rüdiger Fleck
  • Face
  • Daniel Löble

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