Origin: Melbourne, Australia  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: January 29, 2017
Last update/review: January 29, 2017


Veil Of Mourn, the sole album from the Australian band Rampage, is the kind of album that defines the underground metal scene of the 80's. Self-released on vinyl in limited quantities, Veil is a loose, progressive-tinged thrash album with a lot going on, though it sounds like the band has a bit of trouble reining everything in. The low-budget production does the band no favors (yet, again, that's what underground metal was all about back then), in particular the drums just sound messy at times, even when they're not. There is quite a bit of energy and an interesting vocal performance from George Mitrov, alternating between wails and Tom Araya-esque barks. With some focus this band could have developed into something special, but they were done shortly after the album's 1988 release.

Last Lineup

George Mitrov


Dave Frew

bass (ex-Hobbs Angel Of Death)

Bruno Canziani

drums (ex-Hobbs Angel Of Death)


Veil Of Mourn  
1988 Quasi
  1. Terrortaphobia (Fear of Giving Birth to a Monster)
  2. Acid Storm
  3. Divine Oracle
  4. Producers Edge
  5. Sinister at Sunrise
  6. Autopsy
  7. Satrap
  8. Transgression to Sin Under the Invisible Empire
  • George Mitrov
  • Dave Frew
  • Bruno Canziani

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