Origin: Cardiff, Wales  
Genres: NWOBHM
Page online: September 26, 2009
Last update/review: September 26, 2009


This odd Welsh band seemed to miss the mark a bit -- first, the odd band name which doesn't seem to make much sense. Then there was their immage -- based on their album cover, they were going for somewhat of a glam look, but their music only occasionally hinted at that, instead going for a keyboard-enhanced, accessible NWOBHM sound. They recorded two rather unremarkable albums for the everpresent Ebony label in the mid-eighties. Bassist Kim Hooker later went on to front the more successful glam band Tigertailz.

Last Lineup

Col Sargent


Fox (Steve Wilson)


Kim Hooker


Ric Ferrar


Kerry Loveluck


Former Members/Guests

Dave Vincent



Hungry For Blood  
1986 Ebony
  1. The Chain And The Chalice
  2. Break The Chains
  3. Sex Slave
  4. Hungry For Blood
  5. Can't Stop Rockin'
  6. Bronx Warrior
  7. Hot Tonite
  8. Abuser
  9. New York City
  • Col Sargent
  • Fox
  • Kim Hooker
  • Ric Ferrar
  • Dave Vincent

The Bastards Of Rock 'n' Roll  
1987 Ebony
  1. Make It Love
  2. The Bastards Of Rock'n'Roll
  3. Be Good For Me
  4. White Fire
  5. We Are Crazy
  6. Rock The World
  7. Lovemaker
  8. The Happenin'
  • Col Sargent
  • Fox
  • Kim Hooker
  • Ric Ferrar
  • Kerry Loveluck

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