Origin: Helsinki, Finland  
Genres: Christian Metal, Black Metal
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Page online: January 21, 2007
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Renascent formed in 2003, and after less than a year together recorded an MCD, Demon’s Quest, followed by Through Darkness in 2005. Musically, Through Darkness mixes maybe two parts symphonic black metal and one part melodic death metal, with the keyboards playing a major role rather than just the occasional atmospheric effect. Most of the tracks speed along pretty nicely, with busy arrangements and enough interludes and variance to keep things interesting. Lyrically, yes, they are Christian, though of course with extreme vocals like these one wouldn’t know the difference without reading the lyrics, and thankfully the preachiness factor is kept to a minimum.

Current Members

Eero Tertsunen


Pekka Taina


Voitto Rintala


Mikaela Akrenius


Former Members/Guests

Barry Halldan


Jani Stefanovic

drums (ex-Divinefire, Solution .45)


(MCD) Demon's Quest  
  1. In the Midst of Persecution
  2. Circus of Flesh
  3. Demons' Quest
  4. Son of God
  • Eero Tertsunen
  • Voitto Rintala
  • Mikaela Akrenius
  • Jani Stefanovic

Through Darkness  
2005 Metal Union
  1. In Hell
  2. Corrosion of Emotions
  3. Scenes of a Tragedy
  4. Through Darkness
  5. Sustain Me
  6. Arise
  7. The Last Journey
  8. Wisdom Calls
  9. Warriors of the Morning
  10. Exodus
  11. Majestic
  12. Son of God (Japan bonus)
  • Barry Halldan
  • Eero Tertsunen
  • Voitto Rintala
  • Mikaela Akrenius
  • Jani Stefanovic

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