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Revolver was formed by guitarist Lutz Buck and drummer Antek Rudo, and after tossing some ideas around, they decided to book a studio to record an album -- odd, in that at that time they had no songs nor even a bassist or a singer. In short order two members were drafted, songs were written, and the album, The Unholy Mother Of Fuck, was recorded. Musically, Unholy Mother is a fresh, punky, heavy rock album, with Entombed being the prime reference due to the unmistakeable death rock guitar tone. The band themselves consider themselves a mixture of Entombed and Motorhead, a valid description.

Last Lineup

Jens Mortensen

vocals (ex-Carnal Forge, ex-Slapdash)

Lutz Buch


Henrik Schwaninger


Carsten "Antek" Rudo



The Unholy Mother Of Fuck  
2002 Music For Nations
  1. Broken Glass
  2. Junior
  3. What's My Name
  4. Freakshow
  5. J-Day
  6. Instant Idiots
  7. Sucks To Be You
  8. Harness Dead Horses
  9. Coffeine Pill
  10. Vitamine P
  11. Weaselsong
  12. 1987
  • Jens Mortensen
  • Lutz Buch
  • Henrik Schwaninger
  • Carsten "Antek" Rudo

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