Origin: Rome, Italy  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: November 5, 2017
Last update/review: November 5, 2017

Riti Occulti

Over the years the Italians have shown an penchant for incorporating horror and occultism into their metal, going back to the days of Death SS. Riti Occulti fit this mold well, with a dark, brooding, and quite original doomy style. The lineup featured a somewhat odd configuration: three instrumentalists (bass, keyboards, drums -- thus, no guitars at all) and two female vocalists, one singing angelic soprano and the other harsh blackened growls. With no guitars, the bassist was thrust into the foreground, and along with ethereal keys defined their haunting sound, with the two women singers playing a slightly different version of the old beauty-and-beast style of gothic metal to great effect, particularly on standout tracks such as the awesome "Adonai II", an instant BNR favorite. They seemed to be improving from one album to the next, but a year after their third album, 2016's Tetragrammaton, was released, they announced their amicable breakup.

Last Lineup

Elisabetta Marchetti


Serena Mastracco

vocals (Opera IX)

Niccolo Tricarico


Guilio Valeri


Francesco Romano


Former Members/Guests

Luciano Lamanna


Ivano Mandola



Riti Occulti  
  1. It's All Grey
  2. Revelation
  3. I'm Nobody
  4. Alcyone
  5. Desert of Soul
  6. Bitter Awakening
  7. Never a Joy
  • Elisabetta Marchetti
  • Serena Mastracco
  • Niccolo Tricarico
  • Luciano Lamanna
  • Ivano Mandola

  1. Nigredo
  2. Plumbum
  3. Stannum
  4. Ferrum
  5. Aes
  6. Argentum
  7. Argentum Vivum
  8. Aurum
  9. Albedo
  • Elisabetta Marchetti
  • Serena Mastracco
  • Niccolo Tricarico
  • Luciano Lamanna
  • Ivano Mandola

  1. Invocation of the Protective Angels
  2. Adonai I
  3. Adonai II
  4. Adonai III
  5. Adonai IV
  6. Atziluth
  7. Beri'Ah
  8. Yetzirah
  9. Assiah
  • Elisabetta Marchetti
  • Serena Mastracco
  • Niccolo Tricarico
  • Guilio Valeri
  • Francesco Romano

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