Origin: Ipswitch, England  
Genres: Hard Rock
Page online: October 25, 2009
Last update/review: October 25, 2009


Considering this came from Heavy Metal Records in 1985, this is a strange album. For the most part this is far removed from the NWOBHM style one might expect, instead opting for melodic hard rock topped with a Pat Benatar soundalike on vocals. There are rare hints of metal here and there (the title track, for one), but the rest of the album has very little to do with the underground metal scene that Heavy Metal Records was associated with. Whether this was an attempt by them to break out of that mold or a one-off by the label, the album didn't get much attention and the band was done by 1986.

Last Lineup

Joanne Syme


Wayne Moyez


Andy Page


Jamie Durrant


Barry Godfrey


Kevin Hunt



1985 Heavy Metal
  1. Do it
  2. Whatever You Want From Me
  3. Time's Running Out
  4. Road to Ruin
  5. Runestaff
  6. The Last Time
  7. The Games You Play
  8. Last Chance
  • Joanne Syme
  • Wayne Moyez
  • Andy Page
  • Jamie Durrant
  • Barry Godfrey
  • Kevin Hunt

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