Origin: Italy  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: January 3, 2008
Last update/review: March 24, 2010


Raintime was formed in 1999, initially in the progressive metal field (in fact the band was instrumental in its early days, until keyboardist Claudio Coassin took over the vocal chores), but as time progressed the band moved toward a more power metal style. Eventually they signed to Arise Records and released their debut, Tales From Sadness, in 2005. Tales is one of those albums that, while not directly reminiscent of any one band, draws from several similar influences within the melodic power metal field to result in a sound that is instantly familiar, if not radically unique. The vocals are of two distinct styles, a typical clear power metal voice mixed with some rougher melodic death metal stylings, the latter giving the songs a bit of an aggressive punch. On the other hand, the often-predominant keyboards show a more melodic side to the band, almost poppy at times. They've still got some work to do to find their own niche, but Tales is a decent enough start to their career. They've since released their second album, Flies & Lies, in the spring of 2007.

Current Members

Claudio Coassin


Matteo Di Bon


Daniele Bressa


Michele Colussi


Andrea Corona


Enrico Fabris


Former Members/Guests

Luca Michael Martina



Tales From Sadness  
2005 Arise
  1. Moot-Lie
  2. Faithland
  3. Creation
  4. The Experiment
  5. Denied Recollection
  6. Chains of Sadness
  7. Using the Light Forever
  8. Daily Execution/Paradox Defeat
  • Claudio Coassin
  • Matteo Di Bon
  • Luca Michael Martina
  • Michele Colussi
  • Enrico Fabris

Flies & Lies  
2007 Lifeforce
  1. Flies & Lies
  2. Rolling Chances
  3. ApeIron
  4. Rainbringer
  5. Finally Me
  6. Tears Of Sorrow
  7. The Black Well
  8. Beat It
  9. Another Transition
  10. Burning Doll
  11. Matrioska
  • Claudio Coassin
  • Matteo Di Bon
  • Luca Michael Martina
  • Michele Colussi
  • Andrea Corona
  • Enrico Fabris

  1. Fire Ants
  2. Turned Up And Down
  3. Never Ending Stairway
  4. Nothing But A Mistake
  5. I Want To Remember
  6. Shift
  7. Fake Idols
  8. Beaten Roads
  9. One Day
  10. Buried In You
  11. Walk-On Actor
  • Claudio Coassin
  • Matteo Di Bon
  • Daniele Bressa
  • Michele Colussi
  • Andrea Corona
  • Enrico Fabris

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