Origin: Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: August 9, 2006
Last update/review: January 28, 2015

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

Get past the quirky band name and you'll find some potent thrash from this Pennsylvanian group. The band formed in 2002, and after releasing a split 7" and a live CDR (Raped By Bears), they were snapped up by Relapse Records for their 2005 debut, Buried In The Front Yard, and now have three albums to their name. This is speedy, intense thrash, with many nods to the classic retro thrash sound but also with plenty of modern aggression that puts this well beyond a dated rehash. The song titles and general image might lead one to think that this is just a joke band, but this is anything but.

Current Members

Melissa Moore

guitars/vocals (ex-Absu, Sonja)

Ryan Moll


Shawn Riley


Pat Battaglia


Former Members/Guests

Eli Shaika



Buried In The Front Yard  
2005 Relapse
  1. Stealing E.T.
  2. Orange And Black Attack
  3. Grab A Shovel (We Have Got Bodies To Bury)
  4. The Day Merman Met Todd The Harpoon Wilson
  5. Unleash The Troll
  6. Grinder
  7. Let The Fools Cheer
  8. Ode To Tanks
  • Eli Shaika
  • Melissa Moore
  • Ryan Moll
  • Shawn Riley
  • Pat Battaglia

Living For Death, Destroying The Rest  
2009 Relapse
  1. Nothing Defeats the Skull
  2. Graveyard Vandalization
  3. Brainwasher C. 1655
  4. Friends in the Mountain, Ghouls in the Valley
  5. Spyborg
  6. Traitor's Blood
  7. Beware the Thrash Brigade
  8. Sewers Of Doom (Dethroning The Tyrant Pt.1)
  9. Darkness Never Ending (Dethroning The Tyrant Pt.2)
  10. Revolution Of Underground Legions (Dethroning The Tyrant Pt.3)
  • Melissa Moore
  • Ryan Moll
  • Shawn Riley
  • Pat Battaglia

2012 Candlelight
  1. Those Who Are Unseen
  2. Ghostmaker
  3. Nightworms
  4. Fucking Wild
  5. Dripping With Venom
  6. Cold Haunting Death
  7. A Lurking Thief
  8. YouÂ’ve Been Had
  9. Iron Jaw
  10. Get Out Of My Grave/Gigantic Graveyard
  11. Run Through The Bastards
  12. Desert Goblins
  • Melissa Moore
  • Ryan Moll
  • Shawn Riley
  • Pat Battaglia

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