Origin: Kalmar, Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: June 28, 2007
Last update/review: August 5, 2017

Spawn Of Possession

Fans of ultra-technical brutal death metal will definitely want to take a listen to Spawn Of Possession, a Swedish outfit formed in 1997 and who released three albums during their reign. Jam-packed with blast beats and constantly changing riffs, it all makes for one exhaustive listen, and certainly something this extreme isn't for everyone, but there is some serious musicianship on display here. For some, the lack of cohesive songs in favor of a neverending riff assault might be a bit much, and it would have been nice to hear them incorporate more the jazzier influences (such as heard on "In My Own Greed" off their Noctambulent release), but the sheer brutality and intensity on display will stand as an impressive legacy. After last recording in 2012, they formally disbanded in August 2017, citing a general disinterest with continuing.

Last Lineup

Dennis Röndum


Jonas Bryssling


Christian Münzner

guitars (ex-Alkaloid, Eternity's End, guest for Hannes Grossmann, ex-Necrophagist, Obscura, Paradox)

Erland Caspersen


Henrik Schönström

drums (ex-Torchbearer)

Former Members/Guests

Jonas Renvaktar


Jonas Karlsson


Niklas Dewerud



2003 Unique Leader
  1. Lamashtu
  2. Swarm of the Formless
  3. Hidden in Flesh
  4. A Presence Inexplicable
  5. Dirty Priest
  6. Spawn of Possession
  7. Inner Conflict
  8. Cabinet
  9. The Forbidden
  10. Church of Deviance
  11. Uncle Damfee
  • Dennis Röndum
  • Jonas Bryssling
  • Jonas Karlsson
  • Niklas Dewerud

2006 Neurotic
  1. Inception
  2. Lash by Lash
  3. Solemn They Await
  4. Render my Prey
  5. Eve of Contempt
  6. Sour Flow
  7. By a Thousand Deaths Fulfilled
  8. Dead & Grotesque
  9. In My Own Greed
  10. Scorched
  • Jonas Renvaktar
  • Dennis Röndum
  • Jonas Bryssling
  • Jonas Karlsson
  • Niklas Dewerud

2012 Relapse
  1. Abodement
  2. Where Angels Go Demons Follow
  3. Bodiless Sleeper
  4. The Evangelist
  5. Servitude of Souls
  6. Deus Avertat
  7. Spiritual Deception
  8. No Light Spared
  9. Apparition
  • Dennis Röndum
  • Jonas Bryssling
  • Christian Münzner
  • Erland Caspersen
  • Henrik Schönström

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