Origin: Baltimore, Maryland, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock
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Last update/review: October 7, 2003

Sixty Watt Shaman

A potent force in the stoner rock field during their run, Sixty Watt Shaman succeeded due to a more varied songwriting approach than many of their contemporaries. Seed Of Decades had some of the standard influences of the genre (i.e. Kyuss, Fu Manchu), but also some Southern/Corrosion Of Conformity-isms, even a bit of Seattle grunge a la Pearl Jam or Soundgarden, seemlessly blended into a surprisingly original-sounding record. They could throw down with the best of them for sheer heaviness, but also realized the importance of subtlety and mood in their music. They were reported as disbanded sometime in mid-2003.

Last Lineup

Dan Kerzwick


Joe Selby


Jim Forrester


Pete Campbell

drums (ex-Gygax, In-Graved, The Mighty Nimbus, ex-Pentagram)

Former Members/Guests

Chuck Dukehart



Ultra Electric  
1998 Game Two
  1. Rumor Den
  2. Burn Baby Burn
  3. Southern Gentleman
  4. Beverly
  5. Where You Been
  6. Permethrin
  7. Interplanetary Pit Stop
  8. Supercreep
  9. Cactus Mexicali
  10. New Trip
  11. Bemis Manifesto
  12. Pull the Strings
  • Dan Kerzwick
  • Joe Selby
  • Jim Forrester
  • Chuck Dukehart

Seed Of Decades  
2000 Spitfire
  1. Fear Death by Water
  2. Seed of Decades
  3. Poor Robert Henry
  4. Devil in the Details (part 1)
  5. Devil in the Details (part 2)
  6. Low Earth Orbit
  7. One More Time
  8. Roll the Stone
  9. Red Colony
  10. Rumor Den
  11. Stone's Throw Away
  12. Busy Dying
  13. New Trip
  14. I've Been Down
  • Dan Kerzwick
  • Joe Selby
  • Jim Forrester
  • Chuck Dukehart

Reason To Live  
2002 Spitfire
  1. Nomad
  2. Reason to Live
  3. Blind by Morning
  4. Horse You Rode in On
  5. Our Name is War
  6. The Mill Wheel
  7. Long Hard Road
  8. The Evil Behavior of Ordinary People
  9. My Ruin
  10. Breathe Again
  11. One Good Leg and a Bottle of Booze
  12. All My Love
  13. Distance
  14. When the Morning Comes
  15. When I'm Alone
  16. All Things Come to Pass
  17. Somebody Else
  • Dan Kerzwick
  • Joe Selby
  • Jim Forrester
  • Pete Campbell

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