Origin: Sydney, Australia  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: April 25, 2015

Sadistik Exekution

Sadistik Exekution was legendary in Australian metal circles, and one of the better known bands to come from down under. The band formed in 1986 and apparently gained a large following before even playing live or recording, due to the publicity stunts of co-founders Rok and Dave Slave. They recorded sporadically over the last fifteen years or so, with their albums reportedly all in a similar style (the one reviewed here is 1997's K.A.O.S.). Musically, Sadistic Exekution played a rather loose, messy, frenzied death metal, with some grind tendencies, though without the technical prowess of some of the better grind bands out there. It's all a bit much, with most songs pretty much the same speed and volume, the band really never coming up for air but instead content to rampage uncontrolled through their musical jungle. Those seeking subtlety, technicality, or diversity had better look elsewhere, but for those just looking for a mindless death bash might take to these guys. They broke up soon after their last album in 2004, and played a reunion gig in 2009.

Last Lineup



Rev. Kriss Hades


Dave Slave




Former Members/Guests

Sandy Vahdanni


Steve Hoban



The Magus  
1991 Vampire
  1. Transneobathasaurikaldelusionsoftheunknown
  2. Cautness Darling Blood
  3. The Magus
  4. Agoniszing The Dead
  5. Sadistikly Executed
  6. Lupercalia
  7. Possessed Haemorrhage
  8. I´ll Kill You, You Bastard
  • Rok
  • Sandy Vahdanni
  • Dave Slave
  • Sloth

We Are Death ... Fukk You!  
1994 Osmose
  1. Suspiral
  2. Burnt Offerings
  3. Internal Klok
  4. Mathematikus
  5. Electrokution
  6. Lest We Forget
  7. Evoke War Vomit
  8. Astral Abortis
  9. Ipsissimus
  10. Hades Valley
  • Rok
  • Rev. Kriss Hades
  • Dave Slave
  • Sloth
  • Steve Hoban

1997 Shock
  1. Ultra Maximizer Of Agony
  2. Dejetka Infinitus
  3. Volkanic Violence
  4. Burning Blasphemy
  5. Demon With Wings II
  6. Voltage By Sadism
  7. Horror Inferno
  8. Sadistik Elektrokution
  9. The Return Of Proxima
  10. Korpse On The Grave
  11. Fukked Up And Buried
  12. Sadistik Elektrokution (B.A.S.T.A.R. Mix)
  13. Voltage By Sadism
  14. Bastar Bass (Dave Slave Goes Mental)
  15. Proxima Centauri
  16. Demon With Wings
  • Rok
  • Rev. Kriss Hades
  • Dave Slave
  • Sloth

2002 Osmose
  1. Rigormortik resurrektion
  2. Fukking death
  3. Sister valerie
  4. Spiritual dynamix
  5. Fukkmided
  6. Organized sadistik abuse
  7. Twisted by torture
  8. Darth
  9. Koffin white
  10. Blakk mass murder
  11. The final exekution
  12. Only death is real

Fukk II  
2004 Osmose
  1. Inner Spiritual
  2. Homicidal Suicide
  3. Bleeding Insanity
  4. Mental Derailment
  5. Arkhon the Grave Robber
  6. Battered to Buggery
  7. The Elektrik Hair
  8. Fukking Death Death Metal
  9. Shit
  10. Outer Spiritual

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