Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: May 8, 2023

Savage Grace

Savage Grace was one of the classic early Metal Blade bands, with a sound typical of the era, that being a pre-thrash speed/power metal style. The band enjoyed some success during their run in the 80's, then went quiet for some time. Founder Christian Logue (and some other members, perhaps) relocated to New York around 1989, switched style to a hard rock sound, and some demos of that era eventually were released in 2021 as New York Daze. Back in Los Angeles, Logue revived the band in 2009, and interestingly enough, several of the guys that played live with him back then broke off and formed a continuation band of sorts, in Masters Of Disguise. Finally, Logue and a completely new lineup emerged, with a new album set for a May 2023 release.

Current Members

Gabriel Colón

vocals (Culprit, ex-Gothic Knights)

Christian Logue


Kiko Shred

guitars (Viper)

David Sandoval


Former Members/Guests

Dwight Cliff


Mike Smith


John Birk


Kenny Powell

guitars (Omen)

Mark Chase Marshall


Brian East


Dan Finch


Mark Marcum



The Dominatress  EP
1983 Metal Blade
  1. Fight For Your Life
  2. Curse The Night
  3. The Dominatress
  4. Live To Burn
  5. Too Young To Die
  • Dwight Cliff
  • Christian Logue
  • Kenny Powell
  • Brian East
  • Dan Finch

Master Of Disguise  
1985 Black Dragon
  1. Lions Roar
  2. Bound To Be Free
  3. Fear My Way
  4. Sins Of The Damned
  5. Into The Fire
  6. Master Of Disguise
  7. Betrayer
  8. Sons Of Iniquity
  9. No One Left To Blame
  • Mike Smith
  • Christian Logue
  • Mark Chase Marshall
  • Brian East
  • Dan Finch

After The Fall From Grace  
1986 Metal Blade
  1. A Call To Arms
  2. We Came, We Saw, We Conquered
  3. After The Fall From Grace
  4. Trial By Fire
  5. Palestinia
  6. Age Of Innocence
  7. Flesh And Blood
  8. Destination Unknown
  9. Tales Of Mystery
  • Christian Logue
  • Brian East
  • Mark Marcum

The Lost Grace  EP
2010 Nuclear War
  1. Into the Fire
  2. No One Left to Blame
  3. Die by the Blade
  4. Betrayer
  • John Birk
  • Christian Logue
  • Kenny Powell
  • Brian East
  • Dan Finch
1983 demo recordings

2021 independent
  1. All Tanked Up
  2. Bare Bottom Blues
  3. Crazy Saturday Night
  4. If You're Buyin' We're Drinkin'
  5. Love Expediter
  6. Mad Fool for You
  7. Mainline Lover
  8. Such a Dirty Mind
  9. You Say Goodbye
  10. You're Not That Girl I Used to Know

Sign Of The Cross  
2023 Massacre
  1. Barbarians at the Gate
  2. Autonomoton
  3. Sign of the Cross
  4. Rendezvous
  5. Stealin' My Heart Away
  6. Slave of Desire
  7. Land Beyond the Walls
  8. Star Crossed Lovers
  9. Branded
  10. Helsinki Nights

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