Origin: Athens, Greece  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: July 16, 2017
Last update/review: July 15, 2017

Sacral Rage

Sacral Rage pays homage to the best of the US 80's power metal scene (think bands like Helstar, Agent Steel, and Jag Panzer), playing an uptempo brand of technical power metal with some mighty flashy guitar work, a crystalline production, and almost but not quite over-the-top high-pitched air raid vocals furthering the 80's feel. This isn't contemporary, but it's a fine trip down memory lane for the 80's metal purist.

Current Members

Dimitris K.


Marios P.


Spyros S.


Vagelis Felonis



Deadly Bits Of Iron Fragments  EP
  1. Foreshadower
  2. Return of the Dead
  3. Master of a Darker Light
  4. Born in Cage (Raised in Rage)
  5. Forced to Betray
  6. Gladiator (Nasty Savage cover)
  7. Burning Yearning
  • Dimitris K.
  • Marios P.
  • Spyros S.
  • Vagelis Felonis

Illusions In Infinite Void  
2015 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Harbinger
  2. En Cima Del Mal
  3. Lost Chapter E.: Sutratma
  4. Panic in Urals (Burning Skies)
  5. Waltz in Madness
  6. Into Mental East
  7. Inner Sanctum Asylum
  8. A Tyrannous Revolt
  9. Lost Chapter E.: Amarna’s Reign
  • Dimitris K.
  • Marios P.
  • Spyros S.
  • Vagelis Felonis

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