Origin: Willard, Missouri, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: November 5, 2003
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Formed in the mid-nineties and hailing from the unlikely metal state of Missouri, Scholomance is one of the most ambitious bands to emerge in some time. Their style fuses noticeable classical elements with progressive metal, featuring intricate song structures (the guitars and keyboards are both prominent, often seeming to do battle with each other), with scratchy extreme vocals verging on black/death in style. Depending on one's point of view, the vocals are either an asset or a detriment, as their harshness provides a marked contrast to their often melodic song structures (so much so, that their second album was released as a 2CD set, the second CD containing non-vocal versions of the regular CD). The other occasional complaint is that they are often too busy for their own good. At any given moment, there is plenty to listen to, as the instruments constantly intertwine with each other, though often at the expense of clearly defined songs. One of the more challenging bands to the metal listener, Scholomance isn't for everyone, but their technicality is indeed impressive.

The band announced its breakup in August 2003, with guitarist Scott Crinklaw, at least, intending to pursue a new project.

Last Lineup

Scott Crinklaw


Jimmy Pitts

vocals/keyboards (Eternity's End, guest for Hannes Grossmann)

Jerry Twyford



A Treatise On Love  
1998 The End
  1. The Liars and those who would see their blood
  2. End
  3. The psychology of demons and the bitterness of winter
  4. Toy: a primrose path to the second circle
  5. Snowfall: a serenade for aurora the unearthly angel of dawn
  6. I am that wich is
  7. What was truth
  8. A pride of the serpent winds
  9. Exotica sequence
  • Scott Crinklaw
  • Jimmy Pitts
  • Jerry Twyford

The Immortality Murder  
2002 The End
  1. Part I: Absence/Contorted Porcelain-faced Bitch
  2. Part II: Childless One.../The Body As Sulphur Stench
  3. Part III: Matriarch
  4. Part IV: Her Iniquity Uncovered/The Eastern Trinity Unexplained
  5. Virus (The Theft of Knowledge)
  6. Companionship and Philosophical Fire (The Third)
  7. Bedevilment and Bewilderment (Reality Greets the Moral Whore)
  8. The Next Step (For the Sake of the Greater Whole)
  9. Replacement
  10. The Next Step (For the Sake of the Greater Whole)
  11. Nothing Is For, Or About You
  12. Absence/Contorted Porcelain-faced Bitch
  13. As If I Were Beautiful...
  14. Childless One.../The Body As Sulphur Stench
  15. And Yet We Were Dead
  16. Matriarch
  17. How Familiar I Am
  18. A Riddle
  19. Her Iniquity Uncovered/The Eastern Trinity Unexplained
  20. Additions
  • Scott Crinklaw
  • Jimmy Pitts
  • Jerry Twyford

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