Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: September 1, 2011

Seventh Omen

Seventh Omen formed in Chicago in 1988 and after several years of hard work, managed to release a self-financed album, Majestic, in 1995. Mixing classic power metal with the odd thrash and progressive influences thrown in, Majestic made a powerful statement for an unsigned band, but despite excellent reviews and a good underground buzz, the guys really never made it to the next level. A second album was released four years later, followed by a collection of early recordings (Abstract Destiny) in 2001, but the band broke up in August of that year, citing waning enthusiasm to keep things going. As of 2011, guitarist Damon Bernklau has become a solo artist, under the name Damon Christopher.

Last Lineup

Clay Yoksas


Damon Bernklau


David Alsing


Bob Behnke



1995 Septagram
  1. MJ-12
  2. Another
  3. The Fall of Mu
  4. Into Silence
  5. Out of Reach
  6. Blind
  7. Seventh Omen
  8. A State of Decay
  9. Greed
  10. Scraping Ground
  11. The Dark Side
  12. Goodbye
  • Clay Yoksas
  • Damon Bernklau
  • David Alsing
  • Bob Behnke

1999 Septagram
  1. A Gentle Breeze
  2. Polarized
  3. Robotica
  4. Silent Weapons
  5. Vultures at the Window
  6. Treading Water
  7. Divine Dichotomy
  8. Clear Water
  9. Hate Breeds
  10. Fear Feeds
  11. Possession
  12. Kill Ego
  13. Blame
  • Clay Yoksas
  • Damon Bernklau
  • David Alsing
  • Bob Behnke

Abstract Destiny  
2001 Septagram
  1. Schizoid
  2. The Scream
  3. Before The Sin
  4. Shadows
  5. No Requiem
  6. Date With Destiny
  7. Wreck-Creation
  8. Until The End
  9. Prophet
  • Clay Yoksas
  • Damon Bernklau
  • David Alsing
  • Bob Behnke

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