Origin: Greece  
Genres: Gothic Metal
Last update/review: November 16, 2015

Shadows Dance

A Quatrain For The Damned is an interesting release from this Greek band, listed as a trio though with several guests helping out during the recording of the album. Firmly in the gothic metal camp, the band employs several of the trademarks of the genre (choir and female vocals, the occasional violin, sprawling songs) and a few that are less familiar (electronic keyboard work that lend a very faint techno edge on some songs). The band has since shored up one minor weakness that showed up on the album, hiring a real drummer to replace the programmed drums that at times were slightly simplistic and plastic. Though Quatrain is their only release thus far, as recently as April 2015 they were still working on new material.

Current Members

Sahmor Naar






Last Nemesis



A Quatrain For The Damned  
2004 Ebony Tears
  1. Licking the Limbs of Abyss
  2. Last Kiss
  3. Until the Young Whore Sings
  4. Dance in the Storm
  5. Swathe me into Illusion
  6. My Christ was Dark
  7. Her Cruel Masque
  • Sahmor Naar
  • Dimi
  • Bill

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