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Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: May 27, 2007
Last update/review: October 30, 2007

Shatter Messiah

Guitarist Curran Murphy made a name for himself as a touring guitarist for Nevermore as well as recording a few albums with veteran Canadian thrashers Annihilator, but in neither case was he really able to shine. That's where Shatter Messiah comes in, a band formed by Murphy and with his vision in mind. In short order a lineup was put together and, initially, two EPs were recorded, but the band decided to pair the two unreleased recordings, resulting in the full-length debut Never To Play The Servant. Comparing this group to Murphy's other two bands, Shatter Messiah is decidely more in the Nevermore camp of classy, intricate, thrash-tinged American power metal, with Greg Wagner showing some great versatility at the vocal spot, occasionally going for a higher-pitched yet still forceful vocal style similar to Warrel Dane's. There have been a few bands lumped into the Nevermore-clone camp, and that's probably where Shatter Messiah belongs for the moment, but give them time to come into their own. For now, Servant is an accomplished and recommended first effort.

Current Members

Michael Duncan


Curran Murphy

guitars (ex-Annihilator)

Pat Gibson


Jim Lewis


Robert Falzano


Former Members/Guests

Greg Wagner

vocals (ex-Archetype, ex-Breaker)

Dusty Holt


Ron Boisvert


Jason Chamberlain



Never To Play The Servant  
2006 Dockyard 1
  1. Never to Play the Servant
  2. Crucify Freedom
  3. Frailty (of The Righteous One)
  4. Hatred Divine
  5. Fear to Succeed
  6. All Sainted Sinners
  7. Inflicted
  8. Drinking Joy, Bitter Loss
  9. Bad Blood
  10. Blasphemy Feeder
  11. Deny God
  12. Disillusion
  13. Bleed to Shadow
  14. New Kleen Killing Machine
  • Greg Wagner
  • Curran Murphy
  • Dusty Holt
  • Ron Boisvert
  • Robert Falzano

God Burns Like Flesh  
2007 Dockyard 1
  1. Idolater
  2. God Burns Like Flesh
  3. Hidden Track
  4. Pathway
  5. Stripped of Faith
  6. Dirge of the Christ
  7. Buried in Black
  8. This is the Day
  9. Tommorow Immortal
  • Greg Wagner
  • Curran Murphy
  • Dusty Holt
  • Jason Chamberlain
  • Robert Falzano

Hail The New Cross  
2013 Mausoleum
  1. Disconnecting
  2. Future Fails
  3. Memory Flames
  4. How Deep the Scar
  5. Loyal Betrayer
  6. Gods of Divinity
  7. Mercenary Machine
  8. This Addiction
  • Michael Duncan
  • Curran Murphy
  • Pat Gibson
  • Jim Lewis
  • Robert Falzano

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