Origin: Karlsruhe, Germany  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: February 23, 2007

Silent Force

Yet another German melodic metal band, Silent Force pairs former Royal Hunt vocalist D.C. Cooper with current Sinner guitarist Alex Beyrodt. Crossing those two bands together, along with a healthy dose of Painkiller-era Judas Priest, gives a good impression of the style that Silent Force is going for -- chock full of speedy riffing, soaring melodic vocals, exactly the sort of Euro metal played by countless other (mostly) German bands at the moment. Cooper's vocals are perfect for this style, melodic, forceful, able to hit the high notes just right but thankfully doesn't spend too much time wailing. On the title track of Infatuator both singer and band are a dead ringer for Priest's "Painkiller" (speaking of which, Infatuator also contains a faithful rendition of "All Guns Blazing" from the Painkiller album). Elsewhere, there's the typical vocal harmonies and guitar leads, the obligatory sappy ballad ("In Your Arms"), and so on. No surprises here -- this is aimed at a specific market, and it hits that market squarely, as any fan of current Euro power metal would do well to add this band to their collection.

Current Members

Michael Bormann

vocals (ex-Bloodbound, PowerWorld)

Alex Beyrodt

guitars (ex-Jorn, Primal Fear, ex-Sinner, Voodoo Circle)

Mat Sinner (Mattias Lasch)

bass (ex-Jorn, Primal Fear, Sinner, Voodoo Circle)

Andre Del Vecchio


André Hilgers

drums (ex-Axxis, ex-Rage, ex-Sinner)

Former Members/Guests

D.C. Cooper

vocals (Royal Hunt)



Jürgen Steinmetz


Torsten Röhre



The Empire Of Future  
2000 Massacre
  1. The Beginning
  2. Live for the day
  3. Empire of future
  4. Saints & sinners
  5. Tell me why
  6. New experiment
  7. Six past the hour
  8. Broken wings
  9. We must remain
  10. I´ll be there
  • D.C. Cooper
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Fleisch
  • Torsten Röhre
  • André Hilgers

2001 Massacre
  1. Infatuator
  2. Fall into oblivion
  3. Hear me calling
  4. Promised land
  5. We must use the power
  6. All guns blazing
  7. Cena libera
  8. Gladiator
  9. The blade
  10. Last time
  11. World aflame
  12. In your arms
  13. Northern lights
  • D.C. Cooper
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Jürgen Steinmetz
  • Torsten Röhre
  • André Hilgers

Worlds Apart  
2004 Sanctuary
  1. Ride The Storm
  2. No One Lives Forever
  3. Hold On
  4. Once Again
  5. Master Of My Destiny
  6. Heroes
  7. Death Comes In Disquise
  8. Merry Minstrel
  9. Spread Your Wings
  10. Iron Hand
  11. Heart Attack
  12. Worlds Apart
  • D.C. Cooper
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Jürgen Steinmetz
  • Torsten Röhre
  • André Hilgers

Walk The Earth  
2007 AFM
  1. Man & Machine
  2. Walk the Earth
  3. Point of No Return
  4. In From the Dark
  5. The King of Fools
  6. The Child Within
  7. Goodby My Ghost
  8. Save Me From Myself
  9. My Independence Day
  10. Blind Leading the Blind
  11. Running Through the Fire
  12. Picture of a Shadow
  • D.C. Cooper
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Jürgen Steinmetz
  • Torsten Röhre
  • André Hilgers

Rising From Ashes  
2013 AFM
  1. Caught in Their Wicked Game
  2. There Ain't No Justice
  3. Circle of Trust
  4. Living to Die
  5. Before You Run
  6. You Gotta Kick It
  7. Turn Me Loose
  8. Born to Be a Fighter
  9. Anytime Anywhere
  10. Kiss of Death
  • Michael Bormann
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Mat Sinner
  • Andre Del Vecchio
  • André Hilgers

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