Origin: Brandon, Florida, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: August 31, 2022


Siren was one of those bands who showed great early potential (in the form of some excellent demos), but who arguably never realized that potential. No Place Like Home featured several of those demo tunes, and the album itself showed flashes of the brilliance that this band seemed to possess, but the band's odd choice for an album cover, combined with little promotion from the record label, led to an album ignored by, if not unknown to, most of the metal public. The followup album Financial Suicide, featuring an almost all-new lineup, was poorly produced and seemed to show a lack of direction. Vocalist Doug Lee, by that time the only original member left, decided to join Mekong Delta and Siren was done by 1990. In the 2000's original guitarist Rob Phillips put together a new Siren lineup and recorded three albums, the third of which was officially listed under the name Rob Phillips Siren to avoid confusion. While that band still exists, Doug Lee resurrected his (this) version of Siren once again and released Back From The Dead in 2020.

Recent album: A Mercenary's Fate, released on October 4, 2022.

Current Members

Doug Lee

vocals (ex-Mekong Delta)

Hal Dunn


Todd Grubbs


Gregg Culbertson


Ed Aborn


Former Members/Guests

Rob Phillips


Brian Hendrickson


Leslie Green

bass RIP: July 19, 2007, age 49

Brian Law


David Smith



No Place Like Home  
1986 Semaphore
  1. Terrible Swift Sword
  2. Burning Bridges
  3. Another Lost Love
  4. A Place In Time
  5. Iron Coffins
  6. Black Death
  7. So Far To Go
  8. Over The Rainbow
  9. Shadows Of The Future Past
  10. The Mine
  • Doug Lee
  • Rob Phillips
  • Gregg Culbertson
  • Brian Law

Financial Suicide  
1989 Aaarrg
  1. Kreator of dreams
  2. Unsung hero
  3. Lines of steel
  4. This machine (runs-on-hate)
  5. Locked & chained
  6. Like a bullet
  7. Digital clock
  8. Power march
  9. Just for the hell of it
  • Doug Lee
  • Brian Hendrickson
  • Leslie Green
  • David Smith

Back From The Dead  
2020 independent
  1. The Sharpening
  2. S-Blade Serenade
  3. Fuel Injected Suicide
  4. Science Fiction Movie
  5. Lydia the Lunatic
  6. The Devil May Care
  7. Insomnia
  8. Back from the Dead
  9. I Am Clairvoyant
  10. Watch Us Fly
  11. Treason
  12. Say It
  13. Your Reality
  14. How Do You Think I Feel
  15. Lost Passenger
  • Doug Lee
  • Hal Dunn
  • Todd Grubbs
  • Gregg Culbertson
  • Ed Aborn

A Mercenary's Fate  
  1. Soul Breaker
  2. City of Lost Souls
  3. Dead Eyes Lying in the Rain
  4. Slaughterbots
  5. Queen of Sin
  6. A Mercenary's Fate
  7. One Man's Fight
  8. Revenge of the Bastards
  9. I Am the Wolf
  10. Welcome to the Grave
  11. Prologue to Redemption
  • Doug Lee
  • Hal Dunn
  • Todd Grubbs
  • Gregg Culbertson
  • Ed Aborn

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