Origin: Austin, Texas, USA  
Genres: Industrial
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A rather odd band, Skatenigs rose to prominence after lead singer Phil Owens got together with Ministry mainman Alain Jourgensen, the two working together in Revolting Cocks for a time. A 1991 single ("Chemical Imbalance") got the ball rolling, and a short time later the band signed to Megaforce Records. As the story goes, Jourgenson produced the debut album Stupid People Shouldn't Breed, but refused to take credit for it, causing a rift between Owens and Jourgensen that apparently lasted for some time (though this has changed in recent years, with the two working together in a new incarnation of Revolting Cocks). A second album, What A Mangled Web We Weave, was released two years later, but the band never recorded again, though as late as 2000 a new album was promised.

Stupid People is an intriguing listen, if a bit uneven. It merges both industrial and rap metal (two influences that aren't often together) in a rather interesting manner. In certain places the Ministry influence is quite obvious -- in particular, "Loudspeaker" and "Poundsauce" sound like Psalm 69 outtakes, right down to the drum sound, samples, and Owens' vocal style. Elsewhere ("I Got It Made") the rap influence is far greater, and other tracks show the band experimenting with some different styles. On Mangled Web the band seems a bit more focused, resulting in an album that is less diverse but perhaps more consistent, still fusing rap and Ministry-style industrial metal.

Last Lineup

Phil Owens


Billy Jackson


Mat Mitchell


Lance Von Moulder


Wendy Nelson


Chip Fisher



Stupid People Shouldn't Breed  
1992 Megaforce
  1. Chemical Imbalance
  2. I Got It Made
  3. Stand Tall
  4. Shit Authority
  5. Horny for Evil
  6. Poundsauce
  7. Fight da Suckas
  8. Loudspeaker
  9. Roadkill
  • Phil Owens
  • Billy Jackson

What A Mangled Web We Leave  
1994 Red Light
  1. Passion for Destruction
  2. Regret
  3. Texas Tattoo
  4. Family Values
  5. Parasites
  6. Sign the Dotted Line
  7. Hoosegow
  8. My Carmel Cookout
  9. Ranch Apocalypse
  10. Rip Off
  • Phil Owens
  • Billy Jackson
  • Mat Mitchell
  • Lance Von Moulder
  • Wendy Nelson
  • Chip Fisher

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