Origin: Kilkenny, Ireland  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: July 21, 2003
Last update/review: April 25, 2015

Slave Zero

Slave Zero is an up-and-coming band from Ireland, whose 2002 self-released debut album The Defiant Stand musically is rooted in thrash and traditional metal, with death-ish vocals. Overall this is one of those bands whose style is instantly familiar yet not reminiscient of any one band, though some point to Death since there's a cover of "Zombie Ritual", even if Slave Zero is far less rooted in old-school death metal than Death was. While there's nothing really complex or revolutionary here, this is a fine album, particularly well put together considering it's a self-financed effort from a young band. The membership has changed over the years but the band has remained active and records every few years, most recently in 2013.

Current Members

Graham Flynn


Eddie O'Malley


Karol Kosc


Ben Wanders


Former Members/Guests

John Roche

guitars (Gama Bomb)

Paul Callan


Kevin Jacob


Andy Coade


Bob Ryan

drums (ex-Dearly Beheaded)


The Defiant Stand  
2002 self-released
  1. Once Was Human
  2. I Defy
  3. Prejudice Breeds
  4. Raising The Sign
  5. When Silence Turns To Hope
  6. Last Breath
  7. Zombie Ritual
  8. For This We Bleed
  9. Soldiers Fortune
  • Paul Callan
  • Eddie O'Malley
  • Kevin Jacob
  • Bob Ryan

The Pain Remits  EP
2006 Black Sheep
  1. The Pain Remits
  2. I Fear for You
  3. Soul of Ruin
  4. Relief
  5. Faceless
  • Graham Flynn
  • John Roche
  • Eddie O'Malley
  • Andy Coade
  • Bob Ryan

Exempt From All Tolerance  
  1. Exempt from All Tolerance
  2. Antidote to Suffering
  3. Engineering Opportunities to 'Ordain' the Innocent
  4. A Sacrifice for the Greater Good
  5. Impervious Determination Undermining a Malignant Ambition
  6. The Insult That Feeds
  7. Allegience of Deceit
  8. Straight for the Jugular
  9. Vengeance
  • Graham Flynn
  • Eddie O'Malley
  • Andy Coade
  • Bob Ryan

Disambiguated Visionary  EP
  1. Mathmatically Legitimate Solution
  2. Limitless Peripheral Perspective
  3. Embroidered Strategy of Calculated Misrepresent
  4. Oscillating Perceptions of an Abstract Existence
  5. Anthropic Landscape Theory
  • Graham Flynn
  • Eddie O'Malley
  • Karol Kosc
  • Ben Wanders

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