Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: November 2, 2016
Last update/review: November 2, 2016

Sonic Ritual

Sonic Ritual might be best known for featuring guitarist Linnéa Olsson, who was half of the female duo that fronted the excellent but shortlived The Oath in 2014. Two EPs have been recorded by this band before Olsson's Oath stint, with the style on 2009's Mother Hearse being a cool, strongly NWOBHM-influenced brand of slightly punky metal, pretty rough around the edges (the recording sounds a bit more like a demo rather than a proper album).

Current Members

Henrik Palm

guitars/vocals (ex-Ghost, Inborn Suffering, ex-In Solitude)

Linnéa Olsson

guitars (ex-The Oath)

Viktor Bergman


Former Members/Guests

Christoffer Jonsson


Mr. Dallas (guest)



Mother Hearse  EP
2009 High Roller
  1. (Don't Wanna) Feel Allright
  2. Walls
  3. Mother Hearse
  4. Banshee
  • Henrik Palm
  • Linnéa Olsson
  • Mr. Dallas

The Last Exodus From The Land Of The Dead  EP
  1. Final Halt (Retain Control)
  2. Early Graves
  3. Iron & Stone (The Obsessed cover)
  4. Dark World Deceiver
  • Henrik Palm
  • Linnéa Olsson
  • Christoffer Jonsson
  • Viktor Bergman

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