Origin: Sweden  
Last update/review: March 5, 2004

Soulquake System

Self-described as "power groove", Soulquake System's sound combines a bit of Pantera-ish riffing with perhaps a touch of Rage Against The Machine guitarwork, and topped with shouted hardcore vocals. The overall style of the band has potential, but the songs tend to sound the same, and the vocals only heighten the sense of one-dimensionality here. Just a bit too angry to these ears, but worth investigating.

Last Lineup

Anders Jakobsson


Jocke Persson


Fredrik Reinedahl

guitars/backing vocals

Jan Lindström

bass/backing vocals

Henrik Bergström

drums/backing vocals


Angry By Nature Ugly By Choice  
1996 Black Mark
  1. Strength To Strength
  2. Stagnant
  3. Mawha
  4. Lies Shine Through
  5. Info Check
  6. Through A Veil Of Black
  7. Disbelief
  8. Love Divine
  9. Tempted
  10. Fragments
  11. Day In, Day Out

Firm Statement  
1999 Black Mark
  1. Illegal Love
  2. Years Later
  3. Hope and More Broken
  4. Equal Treatment
  5. Ordinary Suicide
  6. Corrupdead
  7. Place to Call Home
  8. Something Else
  9. You Number Two
  10. Maranata
  11. Shit Pride
  12. Obsessed by Fame
  13. Political Mass

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