Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: December 19, 2002

Sort Vokter

Sort Vokter was an obscure side project by one Ildjarn, who apparently has a band under that name as well as this project. Folkloric Necro Metal doesn't quite live up to its name, instead being a very raw, old-school black metal release, with primitive drum machines, raw (meaning poor) production, and vocals that are pretty much like every other early black metal band of the early nineties. If this were a raw demo, one could point to certain atmospheric sections and see some unrealized potential, but as a full release this sounds too simplistic and underdeveloped.

Last Lineup

(members unknown)

other (Hic Iacet, Solid Gold Hell, Testify, ex-Tears Of Euphony, Tales Of Medusa, ex-Warhead)


Folkloric Necro Metal  
1996 Norse League
  1. Kveldstimer
  2. Langs Stier Uten Ende
  3. Grålysning
  4. Fra Kilden til Tjernet
  5. Tårers Sang
  6. Hatefulle Tanker ut i Natten
  7. Ni Gygrer - Nattjakt
  8. Bak to Lysende Øyne
  9. Sønn av Skyggers Skygge
  10. Fjellstev

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