Origin: Eatontown, New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Last update/review: September 12, 2004


After a debut EP (later released as a split-CD with Solace), New Jersey's Solarized released Neanderthal Speedway in 1999, followed by Driven in 2001. Monster Magnet members Ed Mundell and Tim Cronin guest on a few Speedway tracks (these two, along with Jim Hogan and Reg Satana, were in an earlier band called Daisycutter), and indeed Monster Magnet is a prime reference point, though Solarized are perhaps a bit heavier and slightly less 60's-influenced that MM has been recently.

Last Lineup

Jim Hogan


Dave Topolenski


Mike Fiore


Reg Satana


Former Members/Guests

Pete Hauschild


Lou Gorra



Jersey Devils (split w/ Solace)  
1998 Meteor City
  1. Slide
  2. Drifter
  3. Crucible
  4. Sugar Bag

Neanderthal Speedway  
1999 Man's Ruin
  1. Nebula Mask
  2. Aftermath
  3. Fire Breather
  4. Psyclone Tread
  5. Iron Hide
  6. February Sixth (Anti Life Equation)
  7. Solar Fang
  8. Black Light Swill
  9. Cloud King
  10. Shifter
  11. Gravity Well
  12. Monolith
  • Jim Hogan
  • Pete Hauschild
  • Lou Gorra
  • Reg Satana

2001 Meteor City
  1. Intro
  2. Dig The Ride
  3. Born Of Fire
  4. Chrome Shop
  5. Meanspirit
  6. Angel
  7. Stab Yor Back
  8. Firefight
  9. Box Full Of Dirt
  10. Southbound
  11. Conspiracy
  12. World Without End
  • Jim Hogan
  • Dave Topolenski
  • Mike Fiore
  • Reg Satana

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