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Genres: NWOBHM
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Soldier arrived on the metal scene right as the NWOBHM was taking shape, forming in 1979. They are arguably best known for two excellent songs from the era, those being "Storm Of Steel" (which appeared on the cult Heavy Metal compilation Heavy Metal Heroes) and "Sheralee" (released as a single, also on Heavy Metal Records). They put out a live tape through their own fan club that kept interest alive, but like many NWOBHM bands, they failed to make it to the album stage, and by 1983 they were done. Some twenty years later, fueled by a desire to carry on, the band got together and recorded Infantrycide in 2003, and that led to much of their early material compiled for Have Metal Force a year later. Finally, in 2005, their first proper full-length album, Sins Of The Warrior, was released. Like several other NWOBHM bands that have reunited in recent years, Sins shows Soldier retaining much of the early roots but with a more modern rock edge shining through.

Current Members

Garry Phillips


Ian Dick


Steve Barlow


Alex Smith


Former Members/Guests

Mort Jarvis


Ian Astrop



Infantrycide  EP
  1. Infantrycide
  2. Come on Down
  3. Silver Screen Teaser
  4. Paradox
  • Garry Phillips
  • Ian Dick
  • Steve Barlow
  • Mort Jarvis
  • Ian Astrop

Heavy Metal Force  COMPILATION
  1. Sheralee
  2. Force
  3. Magician
  4. Silver Screen Teaser
  5. For You
  6. Fire In My Heart (live)
  7. Lost In Time (live)
  8. Making A Stand (live)
  9. Man From Berlin (live)
  10. Lost And Found (live)
  11. Bad To Good (live)
  12. Infantrycide (live)
  13. I'm Taken In
Combines an early single, the "Live Forces" tracks, and various demos cuts.

Sins Of The Warrior  
2005 Heavy Metal
  1. In My Room
  2. Storm of Steel
  3. Sins of the Warrior
  4. I Still Believe
  5. Fire in my Heart
  6. Murderous Night
  7. Halfway There (Heavy Metal Maniacs)
  8. Walls Come Tumbling Down
  9. Darkest Heart
  10. Natural High
  11. Starhaven
  • Garry Phillips
  • Ian Dick
  • Steve Barlow
  • Alex Smith

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