Origin: England  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: February 22, 2014


Led by guitarist Rich Walker (also the founder of the Miskatonic record label), Solstice cranked out a few prime doom albums in the 90's, highlighted by the outstanding opening track from New Dark Age, "The Sleeping Tyrant". Of minor trivial interest is the former inclusion of fellow guitarist Gian Pyres, who went on to fame with Cradle Of Filth. The band initially broke up in 2002, with Walker indicating that several members were eager to play different forms of metal. Eight years later, though, Walker put together an all-new lineup to continue their legacy.

Current Members

Hel Thorne


Rich Walker

guitars (ex-Isen Torr)

Andy Whittaker


Daryl Parson


Mark Capp


Former Members/Guests

Simon Matravers


Morris Ingram


Paul Kearns


Gian Piras

guitars (ex-Cradle Of Filth)

Hamish Glencross

guitars (ex-My Dying Bride, ex-Vallenfyre)

Lee Netherwood


Diccon Harper

bass (guest for DragonForce, Pagan Altar, ex-Voice Of Destruction)

Ian Buxton


Lennaert Roomer


Shaun Taylor-Steels

drums (ex-Anathema, guest for Darkher, ex-My Dying Bride)

Rick Budby


James Ashbey



1994 Candlelight
  1. Neither Time Nor Tide
  2. Only The Strong
  3. Absolution In Extremis
  4. These Forever Bleak Path
  5. Last Wish
  6. Winter Moon Rapture
  7. The Man Who Lost The Sun
  • Simon Matravers
  • Rich Walker
  • Gian Piras
  • Lee Netherwood
  • Lennaert Roomer

Halcyon  EP
1995 Godhead
  1. The Ravenmaster
  2. To Ride With Tyr
  3. Graven Deep
  4. Halcyon
  5. Winter Moon Rapture
  6. Gloves Of Metal
  • Simon Matravers
  • Rich Walker
  • Gian Piras
  • Lee Netherwood
  • Lennaert Roomer

New Dark Age  
1998 Misanthropy
  1. New Dark Age
  2. The Sleeping Tyrant
  3. Cimmerian Codex
  4. Alchemiculte
  5. Hammer Of Damnation
  6. The Anguine Rose
  7. Blackthorne
  8. The Keep
  9. Cromlech
  10. New Dark Age II
  11. Legion XIII
  • Morris Ingram
  • Rich Walker
  • Hamish Glencross
  • Lee Netherwood
  • Rick Budby

Only The Strong  COMPILATION
2008 Iron Kodex
  1. Absolution in Extremis
  2. Night Falls
  3. Midwinter Serenade
  4. Doomecvlte
  5. Your Haunted Eyes
  6. Graven Deep
  7. No Mans Land
  8. The Revenant
  9. The Sleeping Tyrant
  10. Blackthorne
  11. Hammer of Damnation
  12. Neither Time nor Tide
  13. Only the Strong
  14. Bloodfeud
  15. Aequinoctium II
A compilation of various demo recordings.

Epicus Metalicus Maximus  COMPILATION
  1. Absolution In Extremis
  2. Empty Lies The Oaken Throne
  3. Last Wish
  4. The Man Who Lost The Sun
  5. Ragnarok
  6. Gloves Of Metal
  7. Only The Strong
  8. The Sleeping Tyrant
  9. Cimmerian Codex
  10. Bloodfeud
  11. Stormchild
  12. Aequinoctium II

Death's Crown Is Victory  EP
2013 White Horse
  1. Fortress England
  2. I Am the Hunter
  3. Death's Crown Is Victory
  4. Aequinoctium II
  • Paul Kearns
  • Rich Walker
  • Andy Whittaker
  • Ian Buxton
  • James Ashbey

Sinistral History Volume 2 - 1994 - 1997  COMPILATION
2014 independent
  1. Winter Moon Rapture (Ragnarok Demo)
  2. Last Wish (Ragnarok Demo)
  3. The Man Who Lost the Sun (Ragnarok Demo)
  4. Ragnarok (Ragnarok Demo)
  5. Winter Moon Rapture (Chiswick Reach Demo)
  6. The Man Who Lost the Sun (Lamentations Rough Mix Version)
  7. Only the Strong (Beaumont St. Demo)
  8. Protest & Survive (Beaumont St. Demo)
  9. The Sleeping Tyrant (DDS Demo)
  10. Blackthorne (DDS Demo)
  11. Hammer of Damnation (DDS Demo)
  12. Neither Time nor Tide (DDS Demo)
  13. Only the Strong (DDS Demo)
  14. The Sleeping Tyrant (Square Centre Demo)
  15. Cimmerian Codex (DDS II Demo)
  16. Midwinter Serenade (DDS II Demo)

White Horse Hill  
2018 independent
  1. III
  2. To Sol a Thane
  3. Beheld, a Man of Straw
  4. White Horse Hill
  5. For All Days, and for None
  6. Under Waves Lie Our Dead
  7. Gallow Fen
  • Paul Kearns
  • Rich Walker
  • Andy Whittaker
  • Ian Buxton
  • Rick Budby

White Thane  EP
2019 independent
  1. White Horse Hill 2019
  2. To Sol A Thane 2019
  • Hel Thorne
  • Rich Walker
  • Andy Whittaker
  • Daryl Parson
  • Rick Budby

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