Origin: San Antonio, Texas, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Instrumental
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Last update/review: November 13, 2005

Spastic Ink

Spastic Ink is the solo project for Watchtower guitarist Ron Jarzombek. Ink Complete specializes in super-complex instrumental fusion metal, with a lot of this stuff making even Watchtower sound simplistic. Jarzombek's distinctive style is in top form here, as both his soloing and riffing is unbelievably tight, and yet the rhythm section of brother Bobby and Pete Perez matches him every step of the way -- there is no other band alive today that possesses such technical and musical prowess. Completely un-radio-friendly, and utterly brilliant in its complexity.

Work on the followup, Ink Compatible, had been ongoing for several years, and was finally completed in early 2004. Contributing to the album is a veritable who's who of prog metal, including fellow Watchtower members Jason McMaster and Doug Keyzer, Sean Malone (Cynic), Jens Johannsson (Stratovarius), Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation), Marty Friedman (Megadeth), and several others.

Current Members

Jason McMaster

vocals (ex-Dangerous Toys, Howling Sycamore, Ignitor, Watchtower)

Ron Jarzombek

guitars (Blotted Science, ex-Gordian Knot, ex-Slayer (SA), Watchtower)

Pete Perez

bass (ex-Leatherwolf, ex-Riot)

Bobby Jarzombek

drums (ex-Arch/Matheos, ex-Demons & Wizards, Fates Warning, ex-Halford, ex-Juggernaut, ex-Painmuseum, ex-Riot)


Ink Complete  
1997 Dream Circle
  1. The Mad Data Race
  2. A Morning with Squeakie
  3. Just a Little Dirty
  4. See, and it's Sharp!
  5. Suspended on All Fours
  6. A Wild Hare
  7. Harm and Half-Time Baking Shuffle
  8. To Counter and Groove in E Minor
  9. That 178 Thing
  10. Eighths is Enough
  11. Mosquito Brain Surgery
  12. Work Tapes
  • Ron Jarzombek
  • Pete Perez
  • Bobby Jarzombek
1997 Readers' Album #36

Ink Compatible  
  1. Aquanet
  2. Just a Little Bit
  3. Words for Nerds
  4. Melissa's Friend
  5. Read Me
  6. Multi-Masking
  7. In Memory Of ...
  8. A Chaotic Realization of Nothing Yet Misunderstood
  9. The Cereal Mouse
  10. A Quick Affix (Japanese bonus track)
  • Jason McMaster
  • Ron Jarzombek
  • Pete Perez
  • Bobby Jarzombek

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