Origin: Pacifica, California, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Sludge Metal
Page online: July 5, 2019
Last update/review: July 5, 2019


Squalus is more or less the continuation of the late great Giant Squid, one of those odd experimental bands that the metal world needs more of. While the general spirit of Squid is present here, this is a different beast, starting with the odd instrument configuration. Mainman Aaron Gregory has traded his guitar for a bass and thus the lineup is completely guitar-free, with one and often two basses complemented by swirling odd keyboards and samples to forge a pretty original style, perhaps best described as progressive sludge. This isn't for everyone (then again neither was Giant Squid), but it deserves more attention than it's getting.

Current Members

Aaron Gregory

vocals/bass (ex-Giant Squid, ex-Khôrada)

Andy Southard

keyboards (ex-Giant Squid)

Zack Farwell

drums (ex-Giant Squid, Grayceon)

Former Members/Guests

Bryan Beeson (guest)

bass (ex-Giant Squid)


The Great Fish ...  
  1. The Great Fish
  2. Flesh, Bone, and Rubber
  3. Town Meeting
  4. Swim Charlie, Swim
  5. Jack the Ripper
  6. Eating Machine in the Pond
  7. City Hands
  8. The Orca
  9. The USS Indianapolis
  10. Show Me the Way to Go Home
  11. He Ate the Light
  • Aaron Gregory
  • Bryan Beeson
  • Andy Southard
  • Zack Farwell

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