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Genres: Hard Rock
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Sarcofagus is the grandfather of Finnish metal, founded by Kimmo Kuuseniemi in 1977. Three albums were released in the early 80's (the third, Moottorilinnut, was released under the name Kimmo Kuusniemi Band due to record label conflicts, and is notable as the first Finnish metal album sung in Finnish), after which Kuusniemi put the band aside and embarked on a successful career as a video and film maker. In the intervening years the band has come together every so often and most recently re-recorded a collection of their older material to comprise Back To The Valley Of The Kings. The material on those early albums has a definite 70's hard rock/metal vibe, not surprisingly, and is a bit dated today. Special mention should be made for the track 1000 Megawatin Totuus on the aforementioned third album, it features one of the meanest riffs for its time, and is still a BNR favorite.

Last Lineup

Juka Ritari


Tanja Katinka


Kimmo Kuusniemi


Juha Kiminki


Esa Kotilainen


Anssi Nykänen


Former Members/Guests

Hannu Leiden


Jukka Homi

vocals (ex-Oz)

Kirka Babitzin


Muska Babitzin


Ari Pekka Roitto


Upi Sorvali



Cycle Of Life  
1980 JP
  1. Subconscious Penetrating
  2. Back to Black
  3. Here I Am
  4. Astral Flyer
  5. Go to Hell / Incarnation / Cycle Closes
  6. Clairvoyant
  7. Eternal Silence
  8. Feed Me
  9. Hermit
  10. You're Talkin' Too Much
  • Hannu Leiden
  • Kimmo Kuusniemi
  • Juha Kiminki
  • Esa Kotilainen
  • Ari Pekka Roitto

Envoy Of Death  
1980 JP
  1. Envoy of Death
  2. The Deadly Game
  3. Wheels of Destruction
  4. Insane Rebels
  5. Die to Win
  6. Stolen Salvation
  7. Black Contract
  • Jukka Homi
  • Kimmo Kuusniemi
  • Juha Kiminki
  • Esa Kotilainen
  • Ari Pekka Roitto

  1. Metallinen Sateenkaari
  2. Kuoleman Kauppias
  3. 1000 Megawatin Totuus
  4. Elävien Hautausmaa
  5. Moottorilinnut
  6. Veistoksen Ajatuksia
  7. Talo
  8. Megakone
  • Kirka Babitzin
  • Muska Babitzin
  • Juka Ritari
  • Kimmo Kuusniemi
  • Juha Kiminki
  • Esa Kotilainen
  • Upi Sorvali

Motorbirds  RE-ISSUE
2004 self-released
  1. Truth of 1000 Mega Watts
  2. Thoughts of a Sculpture
  3. Metallic Rainbow
  4. Cemetery for the Living
  5. Death Dealer
  6. House
  7. Motorbirds
  8. Mega Machine

Core Values  
2007 self-released
  1. Life by Proxy
  2. Techgnostic
  3. Core Values
  4. Is This It? (No Flying Cards Yet)
  5. Collateral Damage
  6. Self Dysmorphic Disorder
  7. No Collective Memory of Failure
  8. Adhd
  9. Radical Rethinking of the Processed World
  10. 2nd Coming
  11. Chemical Sunglasses
  12. 2nd Coming (French Version)
  • Tanja Katinka
  • Kimmo Kuusniemi
  • Juha Kiminki
  • Esa Kotilainen

Live In Studio 1979  
2008 self-released
  1. All Those Stories
  2. Back to Black
  3. Go to Hell
  4. Here I am
  5. Lies
  6. When I'm Gone
  7. Thoughts of a Sculpture

Back From The Valley Of The Kings  
2013 self-released
  • Juka Ritari
  • Tanja Katinka
  • Kimmo Kuusniemi
  • Juha Kiminki
  • Esa Kotilainen
  • Anssi Nykänen

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