Origin: Michigan, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
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Last update/review: June 30, 2005

Steel Vengeance

Michigan's Steel Vengeance was one of those prototypical 80's metal bands, recording several albums on an indie label (in this case, the well-regarded French label Black Dragon), making a bit of noise here and there but never rising above the pack. A frequently changing lineup recorded four full-length albums in the mid-to-late eighties, finally culminating with the Live Among The Dead album in 1991. Their style, as evidenced on 1988's Prisoners album, was classic 80's indie metal, a traditional Priest/Maiden base with traces of thrash.

Last Lineup

Brian Harris


Michael Wickstrom


Steve McKnight

lead guitar

Killer Cerogatti


Marshall Davis


Former Members/Guests

Scott Carlson

vocals (ex-Drop Hammer)

Scott Nocon


Jason Saige


Bob Lindstrom


Tracy Kerbuski

guitars (ex-Drop Hammer)

Glenn Rogers

guitars (Deliverance, ex-Heretic, ex-Hirax)

Steve Cavalier


Andy Anderson


Tom Vallejo

drums (ex-Drop Hammer)

John Draper



Your Time Has Come  EP
1984 Kingdom
  1. Your Time Has Come
  2. Back Street Girl
  3. Black Leather
  • Scott Carlson
  • Bob Lindstrom
  • Steve Cavalier
  • Andy Anderson

Call Off The Dogs  
1985 Black Dragon
  1. Night Turns To Day
  2. Dreams Come True
  3. Time To Live, Time To Die
  4. Devil's Lair
  5. 3 O'Clock In The Morning
  6. Victim Of Love
  7. Midnight Machine
  8. Queen Of The Night
  9. Will Not Be Defeated
  10. Our Love Was Yesterday
  • Scott Carlson
  • Michael Wickstrom
  • Bob Lindstrom
  • Steve Cavalier
  • Andy Anderson

Second Offence  
1986 Black Dragon
  1. Beware The Wizard
  2. She Moves In The Night
  3. Eyes That Cannot See
  4. Useless Information
  5. Breakin' Away
  6. Open The Door
  7. Don't Waste It On Me
  8. pleasure With Pain
  9. Just One More Time
  10. Dead Or Alive
  • Scott Carlson
  • Michael Wickstrom
  • Bob Lindstrom
  • Steve Cavalier
  • Andy Anderson

1988 Black Dragon
  1. Burned Out
  2. Destroy
  3. Streets Of Gold
  4. She'll Never Tell
  5. Under World
  6. Prisoners
  7. Run From The Law
  8. Till Tomorrow
  9. Vengeance Is Mine
  10. Can't Stop The Rain
  • Scott Carlson
  • Michael Wickstrom
  • Tracy Kerbuski
  • Steve Cavalier
  • Tom Vallejo

Never Lettin' Go  
1989 Black Dragon
  1. Epitaph
  2. Beware The Wizard
  3. Hard Man
  4. She's Back
  5. Never Lettin' Go
  6. Victim Of Sin
  7. Sing It Out
  8. Your Time Has Come
  9. I Surrender
  • Scott Nocon
  • Michael Wickstrom
  • Glenn Rogers
  • Killer Cerogatti
  • John Draper

Live Among The Dead  
1991 Black Dragon
  1. Pariah
  2. Standing Alone
  3. Nightfall
  4. In For The Kill
  5. Our Love Was Yesterday
  6. Go To Hell From School
  7. Scarred
  8. No More
  9. Mind Over Matter
  10. Never Lettin' Go
  11. Time To Live, Time To Die
  12. Stalemate
  13. I Bring You Lies
  14. Right Side Of The Track
  • Jason Saige
  • Michael Wickstrom
  • Glenn Rogers
  • Killer Cerogatti
  • John Draper

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