Origin: Hungary  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: November 18, 2008
Last update/review: October 31, 2010


Stereochrist was one of two bands that emerged following the breakup of Mood, Hungary's founding doom band (the other post-Mood band was Wall Of Sleep), and the style here closely follows the style of Mood, that being classic underground doom metal, the kind of stuff that Hellhound Records used to release. Like their brothers in Wall Of Sleep, these guys don't necessarily stray from the norm much and yet they've got an inventive and appealing style, making them a solid doom recommendation.

Current Members

Felföldi Péter


Kolos Hegyi

guitars (ex-Mood)

Megyesi Balázs


Csaba Kludovacz


Former Members/Guests

Dávid Mako


Koltay Tamás

drums (ex-Mood)


Dead River Blues  
  1. Smack the Sun
  2. Holosonic
  3. Mind Ammo
  4. Hologram Man
  5. Christ Was an Angry Man
  6. Doomed
  7. Supersorrow
  8. All Along the River
  9. Way Back Home
  10. One Eyed Soul
  • Felföldi Péter
  • Kolos Hegyi
  • Megyesi Balázs
  • Koltay Tamás

Live Like A Man (Die As A God)  
2006 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. Vox Christi (Intro)
  2. Destroying Ruins
  3. Getting Over Seven Years
  4. Eyes Burnt Out
  5. Swamp Inside
  6. Awakening
  7. Good Old Way
  8. Ghosts Of A Culture's Pride
  9. Live Like A Man (Die As A God)
  10. Chemically Ruled
  11. Ride Blind
  12. Bury Me In Smoke (Down cover)
  • Dávid Mako
  • Kolos Hegyi
  • Megyesi Balázs
  • Csaba Kludovacz

2010 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. Double Dealer
  2. Long Hard Mile
  3. Deal With Or Do Without
  4. When You Climb Up The Ladder
  5. 941028
  6. A Shipload Of Tricks
  7. Unified Theory
  8. Queen Of The Octopy
  9. Shallowman
  10. Soul Squeezer
  • Felföldi Péter
  • Kolos Hegyi
  • Megyesi Balázs
  • Csaba Kludovacz

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