Origin: Hamburg, Germany  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: December 6, 2019


Still more Germanic power metal, hardly surprising from a band called Stormwarrior that features song titles such as "Heavy Metal Fire", "Sons Of Steele", "Heroic Deathe", and the like. And, frankly, it's hard to take band like this seriously, what with stage names such as Thunder Axe, Black Sword, and the like, particularly since they themselves do take this seriously. Early Helloween is the prime reference here, with traces of Manowar and Running Wild thrown in as well. One thing going for them is that Lars Ramcke's vocals are more throaty, meaning he's far less prone to wail and scream like many of his contemporaries. Elsewhere, though, all the trademarks of prime Germanic speed/power metal are here, with plenty of speedy riffs and anthemic choruses that fans of this style crave. So, strictly a band for the converted, but at least they do perform the style well.

Current Members

Lars Ramcke


Björn Daigger

guitars (ex-Majesty)

Yenz Leonhardt

bass (ex-Iron Savior, ex-Savage Circus)

Falko Reshöft


Former Members/Guests

Scott Bölter


David Wieczorek


Alex Guth


Tim Zienert


Jussi Zimmerman


Andre Schumann


Falko Reshöft


Hendrik Thiesbrummel


Jörg Uken

drums (ex-Nightfall, Rumble Militia)


  1. The Hammer Returneth
  2. Signe Of The Warlorde
  3. Sons Of Steele
  4. Bounde By The Oathe
  5. Deceiver
  6. The Axewielder
  7. Deathe By The Blade
  8. Thunderer
  9. Iron Prayers
  10. Defenders Of Metal
  11. Chains Of Slavery
  12. Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
  • Lars Ramcke
  • Scott Bölter
  • Tim Zienert
  • Andre Schumann

Heavy Metal Fire  EP
  1. Óðinn’s Warriors
  2. Warrior
  3. Heavy Metal Fire
  4. Thy Laste Fyre
  5. Spikes and Leather
  6. Storm of Victory
  7. Attack of the Metal Hellstorm
  • Lars Ramcke
  • Scott Bölter
  • Jussi Zimmerman
  • Falko Reshöft

Northern Rage  
2004 Remedy
  1. And The Northewinde Bloweth
  2. Heroic Deathe
  3. Valhalla
  4. Thy Laste Fyre
  5. Welcome Thy Rite
  6. Óðinn’s Warriors
  7. Bloode Eagle
  8. Sigrblót
  9. To Foreign Shores
  10. Lindisfarnel
  • Lars Ramcke
  • David Wieczorek
  • Jussi Zimmerman
  • Falko Reshöft

At Foreign Shores - Live In Japan  LIVE
2006 Remedy
  1. And The Northewinde Bloweth
  2. Signe Of The Warlorde
  3. Heavy Metal Fire
  4. The Axewielder
  5. Valhalla
  6. Odinn´s Warriors
  7. Thunderer
  8. To Foreign Shores
  9. Lindisfarne
  10. Iron Prayers
  • Lars Ramcke
  • David Wieczorek
  • Alex Guth
  • Jussi Zimmerman
  • Falko Reshöft

Heading Northe  
2008 Locomotive
  1. And The Horde Calleth For Oden (Intro)
  2. Heading Northe
  3. Metal Legacy
  4. The Holy Cross
  5. Iron Gods
  6. Ragnarök
  7. The Revenge Of Asa Lande
  8. Remember The Oathe
  9. Lion Of The Northe
  10. Into The Battle
  11. And The Valkyries Ride (Outro)
  • Lars Ramcke
  • Alex Guth
  • Yenz Leonhardt
  • Falko Reshöft

Heathen Warrior  
2011 Massacre
  1. ...Og Hammeren Hæves Til Slag...
  2. Heathen Warrior
  3. The Ride of Asgård
  4. Heirs to the Fighte
  5. Bloode to Bloode
  6. Fyre & Ice
  7. The Returne
  8. Wolven Nights
  9. Ravenhearte
  10. The Valkyries Call
  11. And Northern Steele Remaineth
  • Lars Ramcke
  • Alex Guth
  • Yenz Leonhardt
  • Hendrik Thiesbrummel

Thunder & Steele  
2014 Massacre
  1. Thunder & Steele
  2. Metal Avenger
  3. Sacred Blade
  4. Ironborn
  5. Steelcrusader
  6. Fyres in the Nighte
  7. Die by the Hammer
  8. Child of Fyre
  9. One Will Survive
  10. Servants of Metal
  • Lars Ramcke
  • Alex Guth
  • Yenz Leonhardt
  • Jörg Uken
2014 Readers' Album #82

2019 Massacre
  1. To the Shores Where We Belong
  2. Norsemen (We Are)
  3. Storm of the North
  4. Freeborn
  5. Odin's Fire
  6. Sword Dane
  7. Blade on Blade
  8. Shield Wall
  9. Sword of Valhalla
  • Lars Ramcke
  • Björn Daigger
  • Yenz Leonhardt
  • Falko Reshöft

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