Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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This Pennsylvanian band started life as a Metallica cover band, and that's the first band that comes to mind when listening to Fury Rising, the band's 2010 second album following a self-released effort. However, this is no Kill 'Em All rehash, as these guys go for the later period Metallica material as inspiration. Apparently the band promote themselves as a blend of Metallica, Godsmack, and Black Label Society, and that's definitely on the mark. Vocalist Frank Leary is an absolute Hetfield clone, and there's really nothing wrong with that, as he's got enough power in his voice to pull it off without sounding like a weak copycat. The BLS influences can be found in some slight boozy Southern stylings as well as the guitarwork, where that familiar Zakk squeal makes its presence felt on songs like the title track. For the most part, this is somewhat of a sanitized version of Load-era Metallica, with a sterile production and a general feel of playing it safe. Given the right breaks and/or marketing, these guys have the accessibility to possibly make it to the big time, but it seems a bit more originality next time around would be a smarter move.

Current Members

Frank Leary


Patrick Hayden


Mike Stewart


Steve Bacchia


Former Members/Guests

Edward Sobon III



2006 self-released
  1. Wasted on the Day
  2. Disbelief
  3. Sinking Further
  4. Pay Your Way
  5. Rise Alone
  6. The Game
  7. Dearly Departed
  8. After Here
  9. Pieces From Another Life...
  • Frank Leary
  • Edward Sobon III
  • Mike Stewart
  • Steve Bacchia

Fury Rising  
2010 Mortal Music
  1. Suffer Patiently
  2. Fury Rising
  3. Crimson Sand
  4. My Regret
  5. One More Shot
  6. Last Redemption
  7. Unstrung Hero
  8. The Fear
  9. Glass Legacy
  10. Fever Slide
  • Frank Leary
  • Patrick Hayden
  • Mike Stewart
  • Steve Bacchia

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